This little girl is the only one of my ancestors, back to 1800, not born in south Ulster.

It brings to mind another little girl, her great-grandmother, who was born in India about 1794 and married 11 years later.

Picture of Elsie Henry
Family Genealogy By Peter Morell McWilliam


Rent Rolls, 1803 and on, Forster Estate, Killeevan parish (& others)

(This rent roll continues through to 1822 but only the first year has been transcribed.
Notes relating to Henry's through to the end of the record have been added.)

Anemaguiff (Killeevan)
Henry, Widow of Andrew Henry £20.10.0
In Aug 21st 1821 Widow Henry is still the lessee paying rent of £22 per 1/2 year.
In 1822 the rent is £42.

In the Tithe Applotment Books of 1825 Widow Hennery had 41 acres.
No Henrys are noted in Griffith's Valuation.)

Ballynure (Killeevan)
Forster, W £56.17.6 supposed
Henry, Andrew £ 3.10.1
McCabe, Bryan £ 5.15.1 1/2
Do £ 0.08.3 for bog in Ellinure
Do Allowance of £ 0.03.0 for corner of Grieggy road
McMahon, Thomas £ 3.07.6
Sloey, Widow £ 1.14.1 1/2
Little, Robert £ 0.11.4 1/2

(From 1804 Andrew Henry is no longer letting land in this townland.)

Killycoonagh (Killeevan)
Henry, Andrew £25.11.5 1/2
Do £ 6.16.6 for meadow
Beatty, Harry £ 3.14.1 1/2
Do £ 2.05.6 for part of Scot's holding, NB Veldon. Thomas is to pay for a house & garden on Scot's holding £0.17.0 1/2 yearly commencing May 1804
Campble, James £ 4.16.8
McCabe, Bryan £ 7.07.10 1/2
Smyth, John £ 6.00.0
Moorehead, John £ 1.12.6
Marshall & Bowes £ 0.10.0
Allely's £ 8.14.7 A note indicates that an Allely, Thomas was one of the tenants
Dunwoody, Hugh £ 6.09.9
Kerran, Mary £ 0.07.6

(In Nov 1806 there is a reference to Andrew Henry & Andrew Henry, sen.
In 1808 Andrew Henry is still there. There is then a gap in the records.
By Nov 1812 Andrew Henry has gone from this townland)

Drumcaw (Killeevan)
Henry, Andrew £20.05.0
Quin, John £ 6.04.8 for Curry's holding
Mulligan, P £ 3.06.7 1/2 NB Mulligan's lease expires 1 May 1804
Moorhead, John £ 7.04.0
McGuire, Hugh £ 1.19.0 1/2
Gallagher, Hugh £ 1.01.0
Branigan, Widow £ 0.04.0

(In Nov 1806 Andrew Henry is linked with James Moore & John Irwin.
In May 1807 Andrew Henry has gone.
In the Tithe Applotment books of 1825 Widow Hennery had 4 acres.
In Griffith's Valuation Andrew Henry had 6 acres freehold & 1 acre from William Forster.)

Ellinure (Killeevan)
Finegan, Widow £10.15.10 1/2
Williams, Widow etc £ 8.19.0
Vance, William £
Evatt, Henry Esq £ 6.00.4 1/2
McGuire, Mick £ 4.19.0
McDonald etc £ 3.07.6 A note indicates that of this sum, Pat paid £1.6.6 1/2, and John two payments, one of £1.12.6, the other of £0.8.5 1/2

Ellinure Bog (Killeevan)
Maguire, Mick £ 0.14.3
Goan, Jack &
McDonald £ 0.18.0
McCabe, Peter &
Hamilton, Bob £ 0.17.9 NB Bob Hamilton owes 7 years rent of bog in Ellinure as above, ending May 1803. I owe him for holding the plough.
Williams, £ 1.00.0
Widow, Reps

Boghill (Killeevan)
McGuire, Patk £ 9.13.4 1/2
McCawly, James £ 6.13.1 1/2
McDonald, Cullogh £12.10.3
McManemy, Pat & Philip £10.02.6
Falls, Peter £ 8.15.3 1/2
McQuades £25.19.6 1/2

Drumhilla (Killeevan)
Keeran, Thomas £ 7.17.10 1/2
Ellis, Thomas £10.17.5
Gilchrist, Andrew £ 8.17.3 1/2
Hamilton, Widow & sons £10.04.0
Keeran, Terrance & Owen £ 6.02.0 1/2 Owen's name is struck out for 1/2 of Kerran's holding
Finlay, John £ 6.01.0
Irwin, Edward & Edward £10.14.4 1/2
Graham, Richard & Thomas £ 7.13.9
McGorman, Mick £ 2.12.6

Roosky (Killeevan)
Armstrong, James & John £75.00.0

Magherarny (Clones)
Moorehead, John £18.10.0 Chas Connolly's farm contains exclusive of bogs held by other tenants 37a 2r 36p
Connolly, Chas etc £33.5.
Brady, James £ 5.14.11
Coogan, Cormick £ 4.13.0 1/2 Let Coogan his land at £1.14.6 1/2 an acre commencing 1 May 1803. He did not stand to the agreement
Graham, Jane & John £ 4.05.8 1/2
Cook's holding £ 8.18.6
Campble, Patrick £ 3.03.4 1/2
Duffy, Owen £ 3.13.8
McGuire, Redmond & Rose £12.10.3 1/2
Dinn, James £ 6.05.7 1/2
Andrew, Joseph £ 8.00.9
Kelly, William £ 6.15.2
Tole, Daniel £ 2.17.0
Tole, John £ 4.04.4 1/2
Rose, James & Francis Campble £ 4.04.6
Campble, James £ 2.02.3
Carrell, Phillip £12.02.8
Carrell, Patrick £ 1.11.6
Keenan, Michael & Mary £ 3.03.0
Toal, Patrick £11.11.0
Martin, William £ 6.05.7
Moorehead, John £ 0.07.5
Toal, Bryan £12.06.9 1/2

Raffeenan (Tedavnet)
Thompson, Joseph £ 6.03.7
Do for Holm £ 2.15.6 This sum is struck out and £2.6.3 replaces it
Harbison, Widow John £11.03.0 1/2
Harbison, Widow Wm £ 9.13.6 Widow William Harbison pd £1.14.0 in part for Holm held by James Thompson. Holm contains 3a. 2r. 32p. @ 24s per a., £4.12.6. NB the Holm was given up by Thompson to Widow Harbison in Feb 1803
Mitchel, Samuel & partner £ 4.12.0
McCage, Andrew £19.16.3 1/2
Moore, James £ 7.00.0 1/2

Russollis & Tullycar (Clontibret)
Duffy, Francis £ 3.03.0
Duffy, Edward £ 3.03.0
McGinnity, Peter & Felix £ 7.08.2 1/2
Lennon, Patrick £ 6.00.7 1/2
Lennon, Cormick & Lennon, Bryan £ 6.14.9
Lennon, Ambrose £ 6.01.5
Redmond, Edward £ 4.04.0
Graham, Mary £ 1.15.9
Smyth, Arthur & McArdle, Patrick £ 4.00.6
Duffy, George £ 3.10.5
Graham, Terrance £ 4.13.7
Maginnity, Patrick & Mulligan, Terrance £ 3.19.4
Duffy, Frank & Peirs £ 4.11.5
Duffy, Peirs £ 1.17.9
Duffy, Peirs £ 0.15.7 1/2
Duffy, Francis £16.16.0
Duffy, Pat & James £ 6.06.0
Duffy, Phillip £ 6.07.4 1/2
Murray, Hugh £ 5.03.9
Smyth, Arthur £ 1.17.8 1/2
Duffy, Hugh & Patrick£ 4.11.5
O'Neal, Kitty £ 1.15.5 James, Francis & Pat Duffy for Kitty O'Neil's holding

A note at the end of this townland states: "I paid Ambrose Lennon £1.14.1 1/2 for his trouble in collecting & bringing to me part of the above rents".

Aghintamy (Monaghan)
Gordon, Alex & sons £15.14.4 1/2
McConnell, William £ 5.10.0
Woods, Peter £ 3.00.0
Niblock, Alexander £ 0.10.0 Meadow

Quiglough (Monaghan)
Thomas, Edward £12.00.0
Smyth, Patrick £ 6.06.4 Two payments, one of £5.19.3, the other of £0.7.1. There is a reference to Flemings survey.
Farrrelly, Phillip £ 1.00.0

Terrytole (Monaghan)
Hall, William & Mathew £15.14.4 1/2
Murphy, Widow & Thos Murphy £ 3.02.6 Thomas is identified as Widow Murphy's son
Williamson, John / William £03.17.5 John is struck through and replaced by William
Grimes, James £ 3.07.6

All. Jim £ 4.06.6 1/2 For Connolly's holding
All. John & sons £ 6.03.2

Tullygony (Tedavnet)
Higgins, Thomas £
Higgins, Robt £ 2.05.7
Morrow, Thomas £ 1.19.7
Thomas, William £ 2.16.5
Morrow, John & Chas £ 5.02.10
McGrory, Thomas £ 4.15.10

Charleton, Widow £ 6.07.8
Brown, William £ 9.01.5 1/2
Bell, John £ 3.16.3
McGinnis, William £ 2.16.10 1/2
Kelly, Edward £ 4.00.7 1/2
Jackson, David £ 5.18.0
Connolly, James £ 3.17.7
Connolly, Thomas £ 4.06.7 1/2
Logan, James £ 2.08.1
Corrigan, Patrick £ 2.05.0
Cullen, Patrick £ 1.10.2
Neal, John £ 1.12.5
Fay, James £ 2.08.1 1/2
Logan, William £ 6.14.3 1/2

Haslet, Widow & son £ 6.02.1
Dawson, Widow & son £ 6.10.0
Connolly, Arthur & partners £ 2.19.3
Gilliland, James £ 2.01.4
Keenaghan, Barney £ 4.00.8
McCarran, James £ 2.05.6

Esclafin (Tedavnet)
Cassidy, Patrick, Hugh & John £ 2.07.5

Greagh (Tedavnet)
Trenors £ 3.05.5

Killycarnan (Tedavnet)
Evans, John £ 9.05.11 1/2
Fleming, Widow £ 2.09.3 1/2 NB Widow Fleming's farm is out of lease May 1803
Shorts £ 3.02.5
McFaddin, Wid & son £ 3.19.8
McChristal, John £ 1.17.3
Hughs & Develin £ 6.03.11 1/2

Hamilton, Dacre, Esq £36.00.6 1/2
Hill, James £ 6.16.6
Robison, David £22.00.8 1/2 I'm entitled to the rent from Hill to 20 March 1803 the time Magwood died - 1 pd. the // rent to Mr Hamilton to that time

Tenements in Back Street
Boyde, Reps of Late John £ 2.10.0

Letnimard (Aghabog)
Gavan, Patt & son £15.19.3
McGuiggan's £ 2.09.1 1/2
Sharry, Nogher £ 3.17.5
Gavan, Terrance £
Gorman, Laurence £ 3.05.11
Gavan, Murtagh £10.08.5
Bready, James £ 2.12.1 1/2
Woods, Neal £ 6.14.0
Bready, Hugh £ 2.12.7
McMahon, Francis £ 2.19.8 1/2
Conlon, Arthur £ 2.15.11 1/2
Fitzpatrick & Finlay £ 3.06.11
Rush, Thomas £
McPhillips, John
& James £ 6.01.0 1/2
McQuivin, Terrance £ 4.11.2
Gavan, Patrick £ 9.14.4 1/2
Shreenan, Widow £

Clones Rent Roll, 1821

(from Clogher Record / Barrett-Leonard Estate)

Annakilly & Analore Mills: George Moore
Annakilly: Philip Carolan, Brigid Corrigan, John Corrigan, Morris now Pat Herbert, Bernard Kearan, James Kearan, John McGauran, Morris Herbert, jun, Ann Kearan widow, Terence Kearan, Peter Kearen, Hugh Kearan, Patt Moore, Owen Greenan, Margaret Moore, Philip Moore, Peter Moore, William Moore, Anne Moore, Patrick McGorman, Patt Larkin, William Moore, Patt McGorman, Edwl McNally, Michael Monahan, James Prunty, Owen Slowey, James Weldon, Thomas Sloey
Bolgbrean: James Lemon, Mary Lemon, John Lemon, Thomas Lemon, John Prushoe. James Gleghorn, Richard Prushoes, Wid. Michael McPhillips, Susan Prushoe, Edward Ross, Andrew Rennick
Ballintoppin: Andrew Moorehead, John Moorehead
Cappa & Kilgormly: Charles Connolly, James Fisher, Ann Connolly, Fran. McDonald, Wm Smith (late Nixon)
Carne: John Armstrong, Thomas Bell, Benjamin Clarke, James Crumley, James Cosgrave, James Jackson, Ebenr. Mitchell ( late Corrigan), James Fitzgerald, Wm Johnston, Thomas Moore, Patt. McMahon ( £1.10 arrears), henry Armstrong, William Boyle, James Gregg, James Sloey, John Parr, (late Whitacre), John Irwin
Carnone: James McDonald, Felix McDonald, James Campbell, Wm. Smith (late Ringland)
Carravitragh: Dacre Hamilton, Samuel Benson, John Benson, Rich. Benson, Sam Holdsworth, Cathr. Holdsworth, John Lough, Wm Holdsworth, John Nelson
Cavan: James Browne, Dacre Hamilton, Charles Hamilton, Edwd. McDonald, Bernard McDonald, Hugh McCormick, Bernard McCaffrey, Thomas McMahon
Clincorn: Richard Armstrong, William Connolly, Patt Tummin (late Cross), Christ. Crowe, James Gallice, James Jackson, Bern. Malone, Hugh McMahon, Patt McDonald, Eliz Pinkburn, John Read (late Pinkburn), John Read
Cloncumber: James Fitzgerald, Allen Moore
Clonavilly: Ross Beatty, Hamilton Cross, Terence Kearney, James Campbell, James Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, Ralph Dudgeon (late Knight's), Jane Larmon, James Fitzgerald (late Marshall), same (late Whitacre)
Clonculogue: Joseph Cooper, Wm. Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, jun, Andrew Knight, John Cross (late Lloyd), John Read & James Prunty, James Clarke (late Rutherford), James Smith, Hugh Greenan, Peter McDonald, Charles Smith
Comber Mill: George Moore
Clonkeen: Fran. & Anne Harris widow, sic (Frances Anne Harris ors Lucas, widow of John Harris), John Keon Jameson, Thomas Allely, George Allely, Arthur Clearkin, James Caffrey, Hugh Caffrey, James Clarke, Francis Duffy, James Fitzgerald, Owen Fay, John Hughes, James Jackson, John McEntee, Peter McCarney, Thomas Sloey, Philip Murray, James Woods
Clontrait: Terence McDonald, Patrick McDonald
Coraghy: James Marshall, Wm. Johnston, John Chapman
Cornafaghy: Andrew Clindinin, James Moorehead, John Moorehead, James Murtagh, Patrick Murtagh, John Murtagh, sen
Creevaghy & Mullycloy: Arthur Connolly, Bill Story, Rose Cusack, Joseph Elliot, Robt. Bleakely ( late Peter), W. Lough, Sam Lough, Matth. Lough, Fran. Lough, Wm. McElnea, James McElnea
Crossmoyle & Clonboy: John Bradshaw, Thomas Bell (late Jackson), C Roddy, George Walsh, Patt Cusack (late Bradshaw), John Elliott (late Beatty), James Fitzgerald, Patt Cusack (late Falls), Wm. Johnston, Patt McMahon, (£6.5.2), James Nicholson, Philip Donaghy (late Rutherford), John Parr (late Whitacre), James Marshall, Fortfield
Crockumeran: Robert Loury, Robt. Moorehead, Andrew Moorehead, Wm. Moorehead, John Moorehead, James McQuay
Drumadgarry: Thomas Elliott & William Elliott
Drumadraney: Robert Blair, Wm. Bleakley, Jane Bryson, Wm. Holdsworth, Thos. Montgomery, David Thompson, James Montgomery, Sam. Holdsworth, Robert Turner (late McQuillan), Joseph McMahon, James McMahon, Thomas McPhillips, Graham (late Arnold), Robert Story, Edward Maguire
Drummulla: James Moorehead, Joseph Larman, Edward Storey, Allen A. Murray
Drumcrew North: Andr. Rennick, William Smith
Drumcrew South: Wm. Dickson, Margt. Dickson, James Dickson, Patt Mullen, Thomas Dickson, Thady McCarney, James McKeaney, Wm. McGorman, James Hughes, Patt. Dickson, Patt Sloey
Drumsnatt Tithe: Joseph Moore
Edenforan: Wm Armstrong, Ann Colvin, Widow Storey and son, Wm. Lough, Thos. Dobson, Ann McElnea, Christ. Wright, Eliz. McElnea, Thomas McElnea, James McElnea
Garran & Latgallan: John Copeland, Walter Gillespie, David Bryson, Robert Gillespie, George Berkely, Henry Gillespie, James Gillespie, Richard Bryson, James Fisher, Alex Lemon
Glenkirkill & Island: Edw. Armstrong, same (late Deery), Jane Brown (Bernee), Alice Brown (Bell), Rebecca Browne (Johnston), Isabella Moore, Robert Cole, Susan Cole, Martha Cole, John Parr, Francis Henry, James Henry
The Island: Edw. McElgunn, Owne McMahon, Philip McMahon, James Turner
Gortawiney: Richard Foster, Samuel Moore, Wm. Armstrong, Henry Johnston, Alex. Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Wm. Gordan, John Lyons, Ann Nelson
Granshawbeg: John Bleakley, Ann Moore Bleakley, Francis Henry, Widow Bleakley, John Benson, Richard Cross, John Story, Thomas Story, John Bleakly (late McGurvey)
Granshawmore: Joseph Armstrong, James Henry, Joseph Johnston, James Johnston, Hugh Brady, S. Beggan, Joseph Elliot, Patrick McCabe, John McCabe, Philip Brady & partners, Peter Mulliagan, Edward Meighan, John Meighan, James McDonald, James Carvill, Patt Carvill, Patt McCale (McCall?), Rev M. Maharig (presumably Rev Archibald Maharg)
Killycoghlin: Hugh Brady, Robert Murtagh, James Conolly, Patrick Connolly, Patt Connolly, Arthur Connolly, Mgt. McEneny, John Graham, Thomas Mitchel, Rebecca Moorehead.
Killycranaghan: Thomas Lemon, sen, Thomas Lemon, jun, David Lemon, Thomas Elliot
Killykeragh: Owen Connolly, John Moorehead, Wm. Moorehead, Robert Moorehead, Sam. Rogers, James Rogers
Killyna: John Mitchell, John Dawson, Thomas Mitchell, Wm. Campbell, James Moore, sen, John Moore, Robert Moore, James Moore, jun, Owen McKenna
Largy & Shantilly: Mich. Callaghan, Geo. Allwell, Thomas Allwell, Geo. Allwell, Hamilton Cross, John Fannin, the same, Joseph Kirk, John Martin, John Hamilton, Doctor Moorehead, James Fitzgerald, Mary Thompson, the same, Jane Clarke, John Gray, Henry Wray, the same, John Reilly, James Davies, John Herbert, Thomas Moore, John Parr, James cooper, John Bradshaw, Geo. Rennick, Mary Thompson, Wm. Cochran, John Parr, Chas. Roddy, Robt. Nevill
The Leager: Richard Foster, John Bradshaw, John Parr (late Bradshaw), Hamilton Cross, Ebenz. Mitchell (late Kearney), James Fitzgerald, John Hamilton, John Leghorn (late Lemon), Wm. Fitzgerald (late Lemon), same (late Thompson), Ebenz. Mitchel (late Roberts), Robert Nevill, James Graham, James Crumley
Legnakelly: Thomas Dobson, Wm. Foster, Rich. Henry, John Fitzgerald, Thomas Askin, John Henry, Matthew Lough, Robert Mills, John Purdy, John Rennick
Lisegarton: Edw. Clifferty, J Clifferty, Benj. Clarke, John Grogan, Hu Smith, Matthew Grogan, John Harrington, Cath. McDonald, Edward Magin (late Monaghan), same (late Maguire), John McMahon (Leonard), James McMahon, (Shiels), E Mitchel (3 tenants late Callaghan), same (late McGloghlin), same (late Wilson), James Cosgrave, same (John McCarney), John Gray, Doctor Gallaghan (Callaghan?), Mrs Ramage, John Thompson, James McGuire
Lisnaroe: Wm Smith, Sam Cotnam, Robert Fawcett, Arthur Thompson, Nich. Ellis, same, same, Arthur Leary (late Whitely)
Longfield: Joseph Andrews, Hugh Blair, Fred Nelson, Fred Nelson (late Jordan), Robert Mills, Fred Nelson, Hugh McMurray, Rich. Mills, John Mills, John McGill, Hugh Greason, John Weightman
Mulnamoy: Rev A Averall, same, Thomas Averall, Ebenz. Mitchel, Wm Elliot, Henry Armstrong, James Smith, Wm. Boyle
Munhill: Geo. (late Wm.) Shegog, same (late Elliot), Cathr. Naun, James Cross, Thomas Brampston, Patt McDonald, same (late Patt Malone), Bernard Kearan, Thomas McKearan, Peter McKearan, Edwd. Malone
Nattygolan or Nuke: Skeffington Hamilton
Rathmoy: Arthur Clearkin, sen, Arthur Clearkin, jun, Patt McDonald, Terence McDonald, Patt Gormley, James Gormley, John Gormley, Alex Lemon, Robert Lonegan, Wm. Gunn, same (late Whiteside), Wm. Moorehead
Shankill: Wm. Hamilton, Charles Hamilton, James Alexander, John Corr & Wm. Hamilton, James Mullaley, Wm. Mullaley, James Mullaley, Wm. Hamilton, John Nesbitt, Tierney Sloey, Wm. Hamilton
Shanmulla: Robert Nevill
Teehill: James Fitzgerald, John Bradshaw, Arch. Burnside, Thomas Bell, Chas. Roddy (late Beatty), same, same (Brierly), same (Carson), same, same, same, Andrew Drum, James Fiztgerald, Simon Guthree, John Guthree, Simon Guthree, Patt Cusack, Robert Nevill, same, John Cochran, Patt Corley, Hamilton Cross, George Walsh
Templegate: Thomas Walsh, Nath. Gordon, James Gordon, sen, James Gordon, jun
Tiercooney: Wm. Grimes, Margt. McMullan, Terence Scollan, Patt Scollan, Betty Scollan
Grilliboy Mill: Arthur McDonald
Tullyevan: John Mitchel, same, Eliz. Mitchel, Thomas Lemon


Abbey Street: Con Connolly, James Crumley
Analore Street: George Alleley, Vincent Beatty, James Caffrey, James Cosgrave, James Fitzgerald, same, same
Shambles: same, same, same, James Fitzgerald, Robert Fitzgerald, James Finnegan, Matthew Fitzpatrick, John Leghorn, John Karr, James Karr, Wm. Karr, Wm. Pierce, Ann Robinson, Bernard Smith, Goerge Fitzgerald
Cara Street: Thomas Andrews, Wm. Elliot, James Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, same, James Nicholson (Corley), Edw. Graham, Glass, Harrington, John Guthree, James Marshall, same, same, same (Mrs Thompson), Thomas McKeon, Patt McKeon, Thomas Roddy, James Smith, Geo. Walsh (Campbell), same & Nicholson
Diamond: Thomas Armstrong, Wm. Coyle, John Elliot (Beatty), Ross Beatty (late Cross), James Cooper (late Cross), John Parr (late Cross), same (late Whitacre), same, Patrick Cusack, Patrick Corley, James Crumley, James Fitzgerald, Wm. Fitzgerald, George Foster, John Guthree, Wm. Johnston, Eliza Marshall, Hugh McMahon, Ebenz Mitchel, Patt Herbert, James Courtney, Geo. Rennick (late Cross), Mary Thompson, John Thompson (late Bradshaw), Charles Roddy, same
Fermanagh Street: John Armstrong, Thomas Bell, same, Archd. Burnside, Alex Benson, James Cosgrave, same, Hamilton Cross, Benjamin Clarke (late Coyle), same (late Ferguson), Michael Callaghan, Peter Corrigan, Andrew McMurray, Ralph Dudgeon, Thos Cole Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, James Ferrall, Ebenz. Mitchel (late Martin), same (late Keenan), same (late McGloughlin), same (late Morris), John Herbert, McDonald or Corrigan, same or Cassidy, Christ. McGloughlin, John McGeough, Sam. Moorehead, McDonald, Peter Connolly, James Graham, Wm. Fitzgerald (late Eakins), Doctor Terence Kearney, Donald McDermott, Luke Smith, Hugh Cahilly, James Smith, Catr. Nixon, John Parr (late Whitacre), William Walsh, Andrew Wilson, Ann Armstrong
Monaghan Street: Ross Beatty, James Morrow
Pound Hill: George Allwell, same, James Campbell, John Gray, Dergt. Hamilton, same, John McCarney, James McGuire, Joseph McGuire, Wm. Prichard, Wm. Clarke
Whitehall Street: Christ. Bleakley, Wm. Bleakley, John Moore, Wm. Cochran, Andrew Clarke, same, same, Andrew Drum, John Fitzgerald, Finnegan & Smith, Mary Kirk, Wm Mackey, Andr. Monaghan, James Monaghan, Philip Murray, Robert Nevil, James Riddle, Nath. Wright, James Fitzgerald (late Winters)
The Crane: Hugh McMahon
Customs: Edw. Connolly


Lennard-Barrett Rent Rolls 1746/7

Rent roll of Manor of St Tierney by John Todd, 1746/7 (from PRON! MIC170)

4 Tates of Gransha during life of Andrew Armstrong John Armstrong, Andrew Armstrong & others
For his part of Tenedeogue als Carrivitragh Hugh Hamilton
For his part of said lands Dacre Hamilton
For his holding in & near Clones Benjamin Ramage
Part of Clinboy (but Allice McCullin from May 1744 for life) Do
Mullinacloy & Crevagh James, Robert & John Lough
Moiety of Anaghkilly John Keiran & Bryan Slowey
Another part of Do John & William Moore
Clincumber Col Willoughby
Clinmore Andrew Knight (in fold of page)
Clincallagh Mr John Young
Moneyhill Benj’n Simpson
Lissnaroe & Carn Island George Nixon
Part Do Nich’s Ward, Esq
Part Lissnaroe & part Clindergill James Cottenham
Part Clondergill Nich’l Gernon
For Drumcrew; lease dated 1740 Tho’s Dixon & Bryan McKeny
For Clincorrran, his house in Clones & part of house
& stable (Geo Hammersly FO) & 2 parks at foot of Tea hill
(Mr Nixon & Mrs Graham, FO) Henry Evatt
Mill of Grilliboy + 9 acres Mrs Jane Graham
Mill of Cumber + 8a adj & Mill of Annalore + 8a adj;
They became beggars but I got Thos Grenan a new term to
hold from May 1746 at same terms as Rotherdales Patrick & Robert Rotherdale
Currahea Wm Johnston & Mich’l Marshall
Gortnewinea Jam’s McMaster & Henry Cooper
Clinkeen Geo Hammersley
2 parks in Crossmoyle & t/mt in Clones James Threapland
Threaplands middle park in Crossmoyle George Bennett
Another park in Crossmoyle & a T//mt; you may be
Pleased to give him a lease for both John Todd
Park in Largie (FO, Rich’d Gernon) William Johnston
T/mt at 20s/year Wm Bevinton
His part of Drumaderanny & Carrickmore from May 1744 John McClure
His part of Do Thomas McClure
Brick t/mt (FO, James Casey) + waste t/mt adjoining same
& other part of Pidgeon Hill next Clones Mr James Graham
Clintreat Felix McDonnell (assignee of Joseph McNeely)
Clonavilly John Fitzgerald
1 ½ acre Leagar Do
2/3 Edenforan John McMullan & Wm McElnea
Part of other 1/3 Edenforan Christopher Forster
Another part of other 1/3 Edenforan Francis Storey
Rathmoy James & John Pollox
Part Killygormally & Cappagh Turlough McDonnell
His part of Do (said Nixon became low in the world
& left his farm and gave it over to Capt Murray) Wm Nixon
His part of said lands John als Owen McDonnell
Garron & part Latgallon Rich’d Bryson
Part of Do & Latgallon Archibald Bryson
Drummadagarry Robert Beatty
Drumcrew near the Stonebridge William Fleming

The 8 tates of Ballintoppin as follows:
1 Tate called Ballytampon Rev William Dawson
2 Tate called Crockcumeran William Moorehead
3 Part of Templetate Alexander McDonnell
4 Another part of Templetate Nathaniel Gordon
5 Another part of Templetate Robert Gordon
6 Cornafaghy als Cornensha John Moorehead
7 Tate of Tullyevan Thomas Mitchell
8 Part of Killynagh John Mitchell (he dyed lately)
9 Another part of Killynagh Archibald Moore
10 SE side of Killykeragh James Moorhead
11 NW part of Killykeragh John Corrothers
12 Part of Killyoghlin als Killicooohill John Graham
13 Another part of Do Pat’k Connelly
14 Another part of Do John Brady

Part of Clinkerhitt James & John Brown
Another part of Do John Cole, Sen & Jun
Holds another part of Do (19a) with old Johnston the
Butcher’s t/mt to build on + part of Pidgeon Hill & Teahill Mr James Beatty
Part of Legnakelly (38a) Mathew Blakely
Another part of Do Sam’l Braford
Shankill John Hamilton
His part of Drumullagh John Moorhead
His part of Do Robert Moorhead
Shanmullagh James Mack
Park in the Leagar John Bullfinch
That part of Leagar meadow adjoining Geo Bennett’s
Mault kiln at a pepper corn Rev Adam Nixon
T/mt & Park adjoining Shantilly & part of Leagar meadow William Rogers
Dwelling & stable in Clones + part of house
(Geo Hammersly, FO) + 2 parks in Leager John Pollox

The Leager green parks (Jas Morgan, Jas Carr FO) Thomas Armstrong (son-in-law to Geo Bennett)
Park in Leager Roger McGuire
2 Parks in Leager (He is gone into the army; one Park set
To Daniel Quin & the other to Widow Larman, his mother) James Larman
Shantilly John Todd
House & Park Rev Geo Leslie
Part Bullickbrean (71 acres) Alexander Presho
Another part Bullickbrean (46 acres) James Gill & Widow Lemon
Another part of Do & part Rattygolan Lieutenant Hamilton
Tiercoony Mr James Graham
3 quarter parts Longfield William & John Weightman & Michael Clarke
1 quarter part Do James Andrews & John Tibbs
Tythe of Drumsnaght Alexr McDonnell
Tythe of Aughavea in Fermanagh Henry Brooke, Esq
Lisdrum in said county Joseph Wallace
Tenements & parks in Clones including Gorteen
& Largie George Knight
Piece of ground in Clones & Park in Largie Alexander Knight
Do Rev Adam Nixon
McMahon’s tenement & 2 parks in Carne Mr James Graham (formerly Maxwell Cross)
New housenext Mrs Cassies & part of Allelys tenement
And 2 parks Exors of Simon Guthry
Small garden near old Chapel Rev Geo Leslie
Tenement waste and fallen down, poor woman beggar Widow of John Armstrong
Meadow below Vicarridges holding Mrs Cassie
Dwelling house John Weightman
Tenement in Clones, park in Gurteen until expiration
Of Michael Clarkes old lease James Beatty
Viccarridges tenement- Malthouse lately built Do
Dwelling house & part of Dixons tenement ajoining
Church & ground adjoin Leagar & park in Carne etc George Bennett
Late Hugh Reeds tenement Mrs Cassie
Tenements & Parks in Teahill held by Mr Phillips & Connolly Exors of George Knipe
Park in Carne called McMullens Thomas Jordan
Part of Tenement called Quins & park in Teehill Ann Morgan, widow
Part of tenement called Quins George Leslie
Tenement in Clones and park in Teehill Dudley Allely
Tenement adjoining Mr Ramage’s & garden called Hopyard Rev Adam Nixon
Tenement in Clones & park in Carne Robert Morgan
Scrubby ground in Clinboy formerly part of Carvey Dignams Edward Gibbons
Remaining part of Carvey Dignams John Cole Junr
Tenement adjoining James Graham’s & park in Carne
Called Bennett’s park Henry & John Harrington
Tenement Thomas Maguire
Tenement & Park in Carne John Cole
Tenement Do
Tenement & park in Lisegarton Peter McGlaughlin & James O’Neill
Ground on road from Clones to pound near ground
marked out for Laurence Plunkett John Kerr
Park near Laurence Plunkett’s near Carne Rev Adam Nixon
Park in Carne adjoining Willoughby’s Park Laurence Plunkett
Tenement on road leading to Teehill James Kelly
2 parks in Lisegarten etc William Grogan
2 parks in Lisegarten etc Thomas Morrow
3 parks in Lisegarton Patrick Monaghan
For that parcel of ground in Lisegarton (4 acres)adjoining
Thomas Lennard Barrett’sboff on the South West, Mr
Ramage’s Island on the East and also 30 perches in the bogg
Adjoining Robert Morgan’s park on the south for a bleach yard John Johnston
Park in Do Do
Anderson’s tenement ------ Boylan

The three following at a pepper corn yearly
Ground & tenement in Clones William Bains
Tenement on right hand from Clones to Cumber Joseph Maguire
Plot on right hand of road from Teehill to Clinboy for her life Ellice McCullen

Rent rolls, Ballyshannon Estate of the Conolly Family compiled from:

The Castletown Papers at the Irish Architectural Archive

The National Library of Ireland

The National Archives of Ireland

A rent Rowle of the Manor of Ballyshannon from, May 1689 by the Folliott agent, Thomas Atkinson: Castletown Papers C/23/1

Thomas Fauser, Roger Seayles and Partners, the garden of Ardfarna and Maughery Carr 46.13.9
James Magilpader, the halfe quarter of Raglasse 4.15
Connor O’Cleary, the halfe quarter of Ramore 9.0
(Wm) Connolly, the 10 ballyboes of Ballymunterhigin 16.10
Donogh o’Tumany the 4 ballyboes of Ardlaughill 8.15
Tho Ellis, the four ballyboes of Lecklostrane 2.14.6
Henery Jones, the 2 Ballyboes of Ballynecarig 7.10.7 1/2
Patrick Connelly, the Ballybo of Sminver & Mill 9.0.0
Wm Smith the ballybo of Rakin ye 4 ballyboes of Ballyhanna and the ballybo of Tully 13.0
Wm Fauser, ballybo and a half of Camblin 5.0
Archable Harvie, ye ballybo of Templenew 2.16.8
Rowland Fauser, the two Ballyboes of Knocksheeran and Edinagore 6.0
John Delap, the houses of Portnason ballybo of land store house and Tann house at Beleek 7.13
Francis Earles, the quarter of Beleek 13.10
Wm Fletcher, ye ballybo of Knocknashangan 3.0
The Cunny warran, John Delap 5.0
Francis Irwin, the quarter of Corlea 10.0
Robert Delap, ye quarter of Knader 17.10
Lewis Lipsey, Culecallow and macafras Campe 16.10
Bryan o Muckerran, the quarter of Cashell 13.0
Redmond O’Gollogher, Ye Ballybo of achidooey 2.17.6
(Matt) Floyde, the Rahill 4.5
John Henderson, the Ballybo of Ardgilly 3.5
(Wm) MaCawly, the Ballybo of Behay 4.15
John Boy Makennay, the third of Ballydermot 6.0
(Corrish) O’Clery, one third of Ballydermot 5.19.6
Tho Atkinson, the four Ballyboes of Creevey
The halfe quarter of Caricknahorna under distress 6.14.6
(Conor) magargie, Nine Ballyboes of Ballymagroerty 24.10
John maCordock ye other halfe quarter of Caricknahorn 6.14.6
(--) Francis Folliot, ye two ballyboes of Leskie 6.5
(Tho) Atkinson, the 2 ballyboes of Loughin ye ballyboes of Cavangarde 7.15
(--aney) Irwine, Ye quarter of Cashelard 13.9
(--oghey) mc a Teere, ye quarter of Tober 10.4.6
(--ale)mcSwine, ye 4 ballyboes of Ballynecarig 13.0
Francis Jenings, ye 2 parks of Gortenasse 1.0
(----) Knox, on Ballybo of Ballymagroerty called Relalln 2.10
(--nor) maCawly, the quarter of Garvanagh 8.14.6
Total £363.7.6 ½
Wm mc a Teere, the ballybo of Tullycorka 4.4.6
Mulaghnashee and the meadow set to Fra Jenings 9.0.
Robert Whitely, the tuckmill and Island 4.0
Patt Connolly the halfe quarter of Creevy in ye Megh 6.10
Robert Long, the abey Coarne Mill 8.0
Pattrick Connolly, the Too parks in the Meadows 2.0
John Delap, the six ballyboes joyneing to Portnasson 9.2.6
Widow Cotton, the half ballybo of Drumnakilly and Knocksheeran 2.0
Hugh Bryan, ye too Ballyboes of Killin & Labinlee 6.0
Wm Foster a ballybo and a halfe of Camblin
John Delap ye quarter of Dunmuckrome 14.0
Wm Foster, the three ballyboes of Lisaully 9.0
Pattrick O’Dally, the halfe quarter of Alla 4.2.3
Ralph Thorpe, foure ballyboes of Drumnagrogh-- & Cluntasheere 10.15
John Jones, the ferryboate 15.0
Robert Delap, ye parke near the garden 0.10.0
The quarter of Dumerin set to Tortogh Conigill & partners 18.11.9
£363.7.6 ½
£492.13.6 1/2
signed Tho:Atkinson

A Rent-Roll of the Manor of Ballyshannon for May rents 1718 by Thomas Dickson: Castletown papers C28

Cornet John Folliott, Abbey Lands & Warren &c 4.4.15
Mr James Hamilton, 1/3 Ballydermott 6.0
Mrs Whitway, Liskea 5.0
Thomas Atkinson, his holding and old lease & tenement in Ballyshannon 24.15
Major John Folliott, Finure 30.0
Terence Coane, Ardlaughill 10.0
James Dickson, 1/3 of Ballydermott 9.10
Daniel McGill, 1/3 of Ballydermott 8.0
Mr George Knox, Ballynacarige 19.0
Thomas Thomson, Scotch Ballynagrorty 18.0
Turlough Gorman, Irish Ballnagrorty 12.10
Thomas Atkinson, Ardgillen & Ardpatton 6.0
John Car &c, Behy 6.0
Samuel Atkinson, Creevy 17.10
Sir Henry Caldwell, Corlea 18.0
Ditto, South Mullinashee 3.10
Ditto, Storehouse Portnasun 0.15
Ditto, Tanhouse Beleek 2.0
Ditto, Island Loughlinabirne 0.15
John Fitzgerald, Castle Parke 1.10
Mrs Delap, Knather 20.0
John Jennings, Culcally 16.0
Henry Davis, Island & Tookmill 4.10
Oliver Dinning, Abbey Mill 8.10
Meadows 28 Sum at 10s ye Sum (---) 11.4
John Jennings, Gortness Park 1.10
McCauleys, Casellahard 16.0
Dennis Boyle, Carigenahorne 10.0
Flannagan, ½ Breesey 1.0 ( Total 332.4)
Neale MGrena , Alla 6.0
Lipseys, Cashell 16.0
Dennis Boyle, North Mullinashee 2.0
Thomas Dickson, Raglass5.0
Mrs Delap, Dunmuckrum 28.0
Daniel Gardiner, Portnasun4.10
Mr Carleton, The Rock 8.10
Thady Coane, Ballymuntrigin 18 10
Hugh Pew, Lagalosthan 3.10
John Jones, Ballynacarge & Mill 19.10
Mulkerans, Dimnagroagh14.10
Widow Smith, Tully & Raghin 7.10
John McCorduck, Killen &c 9.0
Francis Ireven, Camblin 8.0
Errill O’Boyle, Camblin 8.0
John Foster, Lissacholly 14.0
Robert Duncan, Ednagor &c 13.10
Thos Fletcher, Knocknashangan 6.0
Noble Niblock, Cloghoze 20.0
Thady Coan, Customs 3.0 (Total 546.4 +18.19.9 = 565.13)
John Jennings 0.15
George Gardiner 0.15
Thomas Dickson, Tannhouse 0.15
Sir Henry Caldwell 0.10
Mr Carleton 0.10
Thomas Car 0.15
Thomas Shaw 0.10
Denis Kean 0.9
Wm Cunningham 0.7.6
Mark Edwards 0.10
John Keregan 0.10
Henry Dickson 2 Tenements 1.0
Robert Delap 0.11.3
Mrs Delap Tenement & Park 0.17.6
John Carson0.5
Thady Coan 2 Teneements 1.2.6
Widow Morrison0.5
Thomas Die 0.10
Thomas Dickson 0.12.6
James Scott 0.12.6
Edward Dogherty 0.12.6
Henry Dickson 0.11.3
John Cobrun 0.2
Denis Boyle 0.11.3
Turlogh Gallogher 0.4
Charles Gallogher 0.5
William Garvan 0.1.6
James Hadduck 0.12.6
Thomas Lipsey 0.10
Geo Gardiner, Tanhouse 0.4
James Ward 1.0
Patrick McShee 0.1.3
Knogher Gorman 0.2.6 (Total 17.0.6)
Terence Coan 1.5.0
Art Callery 0.2.6
Daniel Tivolan 0.2.6
John McFelim 0.2.6
Hugh Kennedy 0.3.3
Brian Knogher 0.1
Manus Dowany 0.2.6 (Total 18.19.9)

Rent Roll for Ballyshannon Estate, 1728 by Thomas Dickson, agent: National Library, Ms17,302

1 Ballydermott (James Hamilton Esq) lives James Hamilton, Abraham Hamilton & Abraham Creighton (from May 1723)
2 Liskea (Mrs Whiteway) lives (Robt Whiteway, Edwd Whiteway, Folliott Whiteway & Francis Whiteway (from May 1707)
3 Ballynacarrig (George Knox Esq) lives George Knox, Mariana Knox & Andrew Knox (from May 1723)
4 Scotch Ballymcgrorty (John Coburn & Parts) lives William Coburn, William Coburn & Arthur Carney (from May 1723)
5 Irish Ballymcgrorty (Roger McGargile) Lease of 21 years from May 1723
6 Alla ( John Elliot & Parts) lives Joseph Elliot, William Anderson & George Murray (from May 1723)
7 Carrignahorna (James Lowery & Parts) lives James Lowery, Andrew Lowery & Christian Lowery (from May 1723)
8 Cashallard East (Andw Clark) Lease of 21 years from Nov 1723
9 Cashallard East (James Baron & Parts) Lease of 21 years from Nov 1723
10 Cashallard West ( Roger McCauley & Parts) Lease of 21 years from May 1723
11 Behay (Walter Patterson) lives s’d Walter Paterson, John Paterson, George Paterson (from May 1723)
12 Cavangarden & Laughin (Mr Thos Atkinson) Lives s’d Thos Atkinson & Samuel Atkinson (for three lives)
13 Ardgillan & Ardpatten (Thos Atkinson) Lives s’d Thos Atkinson & Samuel Atkinson (for 3 lives)
14 Tworcannen (John Folliot Esq) Lives s’d John Folliot, Frances his wife & Maj John Folliot
15 Cashall (Thos Lipsett) Lives Willm Dickson Thomas Lipsett Michael Lipsett (from May 1723)
16 Crivey (Capt Thos Dickson).No Deed or Lease
17 Tuck Mill & Island Henry Davis Lease for 10 years from May 1725
18 Corn Mills (Gustavus Henry) Lease of 10 years from May 1725
19 Twenty acres of land in Culcally laid of for Wm Gallagher Baliff for his service & succeeding Balliff during the pleasure of the Lord of the Mannor
20 Culcally Mountain (Gustavus Henry) During my Lord Justice Conolly’s pleasure
21 Camp (Capt Dickson) No Lease or Deed
22 Knather (Owen Conigell & Parts) Lease for 21 years from May 1723
23 Corlea (Daniel Conigall & Parts0 Lease for 21 years from May 1723
24 Raglin O’Birn (Thoms Ellis) During pleasure from May 1728
25 Tithes Drumhome Commences Nov 1727
26 Tithes Killbaron & Rosiot (Andrew Knox)
27 Tithes Cloghboly (Mr Forbes)
28 Culbegg (Mr Hewetson) from year to year no ---- Lease or promise further
29 Foot Barrack No lease
30 Henry Caldwell his house and tenement and 27.3.10 of land in Carrigboy Lease for lives of Henry Dunbar, Henry Gardner Henry Dickson from May 1723
31 Tenement and a park of 10 acres in Carrickboy (Thos Lipsett) lives, James Dickson & Lewis Lipsett and Anthony Lipsett from 1724
32 Tenement & 20 acres of land in Cullcally (Goerge Gardner) Lives of George, John & Andrew Gardner from May 1724
33 Tenement (Mr Thos Atkinson; ? deed of Thos & Sam’l Atkinson) Lives of Thos & John Atkinson & Thos Atkinson from 1687
34 Park & tanhouse (Willm Dickson) Lease lives Henry Dickson, William Dickson & James Dickson from Nov 1723
35 Tan House ( Mr George Gardner) A minett from Ld Folliott; 21 years but in case there wa use for’t it was to be given up from May 1708
36 John Jennings his house and tenement & his holding of Gortnass & 30 acres of land in Cullcally Lease of lives of s’d John Jennings, George Jennings & John Forbes from May 1722 Do Cherry Tree Park 2.1.5 at 10 pa during pleasure
37 Tenement & Park of 15 acres of land in Carrickboy (Mr Wm Dickson) Lives s’d Wm, Henry Dickson & John Dickson from May 1726
38 Capt Thos Dickson from Ld Folliot lives Henry, Wm, John & Wm Dickson, from May 1726
39 Thomas Kerrs Tenement Lives Hugh Kerr, James Dickson, James Britton from May 1724
40 Scott, his tenement & 10 acres of land in the meadows lives s’d James Scott, John Scott Robert Scott
41 Half Mr Shaw’s tenement (John Miller) lives s’d John Miller, William Miller Robert Scott from May 1724
42 Half Mr Shaw’s tenement (Anthony Stewart) Lives s’d Anthony Stewart, Ann Stewart John Cotter from May 1724
43 Patk O’Direys Tenement Lives of s’d Patrick O’Direy, William O’Cahan & Henry o’Cahan from May 1724
44 Tenement & 5 acres of land in the meadows (Denis O’Cahan) lives Patrick O’Direy William O’Cahan Henry O’Cahan
45 Tenement & 11a.2r.14p of land in Cullcally (James Ward) Lease of 31 years from May 1723
46 Tenement & Padget’s park being 81/2 acres (John McLoughlin) lives s’d John McLoughlin Mary McLoughlin & Thomas Campbell from May 1725
47 Tenement and park of 10 acres of land (William Edwards) lives Wm Edwards James Dickson Everina Dickson from May 1723
48 Half a tenement (Mr Patrick Cosgrave) lives William Dickson James Dickson Henry Dickson from may 1724
49 ½ tenement & Park Cullcally of 5a.0r.12p (Thos Dickson) lives s’d Thomas Dickson James Dickson John Dickson from May 1724
50 Bryan McGowan During pleasure
51 Thos Bevens During pleasure
52 Thomas Boyle During pleasure from May 1727
53 Miles Garvan No lease
54 Edmond Rodey During pleasure from May 1727
55 Tenement ( Denis O’Boyle) now set to (Frank Dunlevy Patrick Cafferty John Conall Thos Hale Hugh McPhelim John Gallagher) + Owen Gallagher Hugh Phelim John Conell Frans Donlevy Patk McCafferty During pleasure from May 1727
56 Tenement (William Gallagher) lives s’d Wm Gallagher Mary Gallagher John Gallagher from Nov 1724
57 Ditto for 51/2 acres of land in Cullcally Lease for 21 years from May 1725
58 Widow McCadon during her life
59 Tenement (Thomas Harvey) lives s’d Thomas Harvey Willm Dunkan Thady Boyle from May 1725
60 James Ward Lease of 31 years from May 1727
61 Tenement & field in Cullcally (Henry Davis) lives s’d Henry Davis Jane Davis John Davis from May 1725
62 Park in the meadows of 4.2.10 (Henry Davis) lives s’d Henry Davis James Davis John Grossier from nov 1723
63 Tenement & a park in the Knather of 4.3.10 (John Fitzgerald) lives of s’d John Fitzgerald Elizth Fitzgerald George Jennings from May 1723
64 Denis OBoyle his tenement and 10 acres of land lives ---- Boyle John Boyle Anthony Boyle from May 1725
65 Ditto for 10 acres of land in Cullcally lives s’d Denis Boyle ---- Boyle Anthony Boyle
66 William Coningham ----- --- during pleasure from May 1727
67 – Maghon Lives Wm Maghon James Maghon Martha Maghon from May 1724
68 Tenement (Mark Edwards) lives Thomas, James & Jane Edwards from nov 1723
69 Ditto for 10 acres of land in Cullcally & 5 acres ofland in the meadow Lives as above from May 1723
70 Tenement & 5 acres of land in the meadow (Thos Kerigan) lives s’d Thos Kerigan John Kerigan Robt Scott
71 Capt Thos Dickson & Mr Wm Dickson for 10 acres of land in Cullcally lives of s’d Wm Dickson James Dickson Robt Dickson from May 1724
72 Tenement (Henry Dickson) lives Henry Dickson Wm Dickson Jas Dickson
73 Another Tenement & a park in Cullcally of 10 acres (Henry Dickson) above lives
Do --- ---- park 7a.3r.15p at 7s pa & Do Park --- 2a.3r.10p at 10s pa
74 Robt Delaps tenement with 2 parks containing 4 acres (Mr Thos Barton) lives Thos Barton Margt Barton William Barton from May 1724
75 2 parks in Cullacally & a Park in the Knather (James Britton) lives Christian Britton, William Britton William Cane from May 1724
76 Tenement (Saml Delap) lives of s’d Sam’l Delap Robt Delap John Delap from May 1722
Ditto Cloghnanome Park 3 lives renewable for ever if Ld Conolly pleases Sam’l Robt John Delap from May 1728
77 Tenement & park in the Knather (John Carson) lives Robt Carson Cairnes Henderson & Catherine Hughes from Nov 1724
78 Ballplace/Castlegarden
79 Tenement (Mr Terence Coane) No Lease
80 Water Park in the Knather ditto
81 Customs and eel fishing – Wm Dickson Lease of 3 years from May 1728
82 The Office for receiving the rent
83 Horse Barrack
84 Cloghore Lands of Belick lives John Folliott Francis Folliott Frans Cocksedge from May 1722
85 Knocknashangon (Robt Dunkan & Mathew Foster) lives Matw Foster John Dunkan William Dunkan from May 1725
86 2/3 Ednagor (John Dickson & Thos Foster) lives John Dickson Thos Foster Margt Dickson from May 1724
87 1/3 Ednagor Phelim O’Boyle lease 31 years from May 1724
88 Lisacully (David Kirkpatrick & Part) lives John Thompson Alexander Love Eli—Kirkpatrick from May 1723
89 Killin & Labinlee (Denis Boyle) lives s’d Denis Boyle Ann Boyle Wm Boyle May 1723
90 Camlin (Willm Tredenick) lives Willm Tredenick Margt Tredenick John Tredenick from May 1723
91 Camlin (Francis Erwine) lives s’d Francs Erwine Wm Conolly junr Ann Erwine from May 1723
92 Tully (Mr John Young & John Rutherford) Live John Young Thos Young Robt Rutherford from May 1726
93 Rahin Wm Gallagher from May 1727
94 Drumnagroagh ( Mr Ter Coane) lease of 31 years from May 1723
95 ( ? Ardcamfield) lease of 11 years from Ld Folliott from May 1699
96 Ballynacarrig (John Jones) lives od s’d John Jones Wm Jones William Roserow from may 1722
97 (? Legalustran) (Mr Daniel Coalby) lives s’d Dan’l Coalby Elizabeth Coalby Henry Stinson from May 1724
98 Ballymunterhiggin (Mr Anthony Coane) lives Anthony Coane, Anne Spense, James Coane
99 Dunmuckrim one Ballyboe (Roger Grahams) lives of Roger Grahams Catherine Grahams John Grahams from May 1722
100 Dunmuckrim one ballyboe (Mr Daniel Gardner) lives Daniel Gardner Jane Gardner John Gardner from May 1723
101 Dunmuckrim two ballyboes ( John & Robt McGumry) lives s’d John McGumry, Robt McGumry Mathw McGumry from May 1723
102 Dunmuckrim two ballyboes (David Thompson) lives s’d David Thompson Elice Thompson Thos Thompson from May 1723
103 Dunmuckrim four Ballyboes (Hugh Kelly & Parts) lease of 21 years form May 1724
103 Dunmuckrim four Ballyboes (John Delap & partners) Lease of 21 years from May 1724
105 Raglass (Thady Kerigan & Parts) lease 31 years from Nov 1723
106 ( Finner)
Aghris&c (Mrs Lucy Folliott) lease of 41 years from May 1705
107 Portnason (Dan’l Gardner) No lease during pleasure
108 Custom House No lease
109 School house tenement (McCormick) During pleasure
110 Mr Thos Carson lives Joseph Carson Catherine Carson Adam Carson from May 1725
111 Tenement ( Mr Coane) lives Thady Coane Penolope Coane Ter Coane from Ld Folliott from May 1724
112 Ditto another tenement lease 41 years from May 1699
113 Field in Carrigboy of 15.2.32 (Mr Denis Coane) Lives s’d Denis Coane Frans Coane Ann Coane from May 1724
114 Tenement (Phelim Malkerran) lease of 31 years from May 1728
115 Tenement (Cornelius Granaghan) lives Cors Granaghan Mary Granaghan Thomas Granaghan from May 1723
116 Tenement (James Mulkerrans) lease 31 years from May 1723
117 Tenement & 7.2.30 land ( Patk Ramsay) lease 31 years from 1723
118 Tenement (Mr Henry Donlevy) lives Edward Boyle Mary Boyle Anthony Coane from May 1723
119 Terence Conollys tenement lease 31 years from 1723
120 Denis Glancey’s tenement & Terrance Coa—for Glancy lease 20 years from May 1723
121 Tenement & 2.3.30 land in Carrigboy (Thos Dye) lives thos Dye Thos Dye jun John Dickson from May 1723
122 Widow McDonells tenement (Christopher Foster) lease 21 years from May 1723
123 Darby Daly’s tenement lease 21 years from May 1723
124 Robt Laughlins Tenement lease 21 years from may 1723
125 James Mulkerran junr lease 21 years from May 1723
126 Gormly Coan’s tenement lease 21 years from 1723
127 Thos Palmer a Baron & haggard lease 21 years from May 1723
128 Con O’Gormly & Graney Mulkerran’s tenement
129 John Kelly’s tenement & a field in Carrigboy lives Denis Kelly Robt Scott Robt McNeely from may 1724
130 Ditto for a tenement Lives John Kelly John Kelly junr Thos Hetherington to pay 30s for each life that falls in their deed
131 A poor woman for a little cottage & house
132 Old hay yard and a little park on the Rock (John Gardner) During pleasure from May 1727
133 Park in Carrigboy ( Mr Carson) During pleasure
134 Park in Carrigboy (Ed O’Boyle) During pleasure from May 1726
135 Grand Fishings
136 Land laid out for the horse bar (total 29.3.30 in Mullaneshee, Dungrovenan (Fort) Park Barnaby Park Tobermacoy Park Castle Park
137 Part of Ballyhanna for grazing the troops horses
138 Part of Rahin for grazing Ditto
College Lands of Burndrews
139 Maghrecher John Ellis lease of 7 years from Nov 1722
140 Ardferna Daniel Mulkerran & Part lease 5 years from May 1725
141 Drumcrin Mrs Lucy Folliott lease 7 years from 1724
142 ½ Ramore Walter Mca---- & parts lease 7 years from May 1724
143 ¼ Ramore James Smith lease 7 years from May 1724
144 ¼ Ramore --- oge Mulkerran and parts lease 3 years from 1728
145 Burndrews Fishing lease 3 years from May 1728
Church Lands of Ballyhanna
146 10 acres of Ballyhanna Mr William Dickson lease 7 years from May 1726
147 10 acres of Ditto at 10s p acre Mr Terrence Coane No lease
148 10 acres of Ditto at 10s p acre Mr Thady Coane no lease
149 13 acres of Ditto at 10s p acre Mr Denis Coane no lease
150 5 acres of ditto at 8s p acre Ters Gallagher
151 7.1.34 acres of ditto Darby Gormond &c lease of 7 years from May 1724
Rent roll for the College lands of Tirhugh for ------- rent 1728
1 Corncamb George Oliver 11 years from May 1726
2 Tullygallon M Gowan ditto
3 Laghy Adam Delap & Parts ditto
4 Robbleshaney & Mill henry Spence ditto
5 Drumore John Reynolds & Parts ditto
6 Rosnaulay John Mackey & Parts ditto
7 Rughnadrun Henry Spence ditto
8 Drumcrole William Thompson ditto
9 Raniny West John Wark & parts ditto
10 Mullans Patk Mchenry ditto
11 Rossivolan Capt Thos Dickson ditto
12 Ballykillone Bryan McGirr & parts ditto
13 Rossilly Oliver Marshall & parts ditto
14 Raring East Elice Tunny & parts ditto
15 Andeclan Wm Strong & parts ditto
16 ---man Richd Vere & parts ditto
17 –rrig East Adam Delap & part ditto
18 Carrig West John Haron & parts ditto
19 ---ard James White & parts ditto
20 Troman East Brya Tumary & parts ditto
21 Riugole Jam Freeburn & Alex Love ditto
22 Carmullin Densi Tumany ditto
23 Baley McAWard lease 19 years from Nov 1721
24 – Rossnaulagh No Lease
25 Tuleywie 11 years from May 1726
26 Malanasole & M ------ ---- Gowan ditto
27 Greaghs ditto

Rent Roll for the Ballyshannon Estate of William Conolly as let to the first of May 1748, by Henry Major: From M 6917/1-18, National Archives

1 Alla (Andrew Anderson & Part) Wm Anderson, Joseph Elliott & Geo Murry £17.5
2 Ardlonghill (Rev James O’Neill) Rev James O’Neill, Eliz O’Neill, Ann O’Neill, Jno O’Neill £10
3 Ardlonghill (Moses Cahill) £10
4 Ardgillon &c (Thomas Atkinson) Thos Atkinson, Wm Atkinson & Edward Jones £82.10
5 Aughnish & c (Coll John Folliott) Lives renewable £60
6 Ballydermott (Capt James Hamilton) Jas Hamilton, Abraham Hamilton, Abram Creighton £55
7 Ballynacarrig (Andrew Knox) Andrew Knox £50
8 Ballplace &c (John Dickson esq) John, Jas & Thos Dickson £5.10
9 Behay (John Reynolds) Walter Patterson, Geo Patterson & Thos Atkinson £30.8.8
10 Ballynacarrig (Wm Jones) Wm Jones, Edward Jones, & Thos Atkinson £45.2 (Wm Jones died 20 Dec 1758)
11 Ballymunterhiggin (Anthony Coane) Lives renewable
12 Carrignahorn (James Lowry & Part) Jas Lowry, Andw Lowry & Christian Lowry £35.11
13 Cashalard East (Michael Clarke Esq) Mich Clarke Esq, Jno Clarke, Esq, Rich Bulkely £10.10
14 Cashalard (Robert Cordock & Part) 31 years from May 1748 £23.17.31/2
15 Cashalard West (Wm McCauley & Part) The same £38.17.81/2
16 Corn Mills (George Gingham) 21 years from May 1736 £70
17 Creevy & Camp (Mr Thos Dickson) John & Thos Dickson, Wm Atkinson £56
18 Customs & Fishing (Thos Dickson) No Lease £56
19 Pt Corlea (Henry Major jun) 3 Lives or 31 years Henry Major, Wm Major & Edward Jones £13.15
20 Pt Corlea (James Conigall & Part) No Lease £41.5
21 Cashel Lipsett (Thomas Lipsett & Part) Thos Lipsett, Mich Lipsett & Joseph Lipsett £50.10
22 Camlin Irwin (Henry Major) John Major, Roger Major & Henry Major £25.5
23 Camlin Boyle (John Tredinick) Wm, Margaret & -- Tredinick £25.5
24 Cloghore (John Coulson) Jno Folliott esq, Francis Folliott & Michael Clarke Esq £68
25 Custom House (The present Colectr) 31 years from May 1723 £5
26 Coolcally Mt (John Dickson, esq) John, esq, Jas & Thos Dickson £13
27 Dimmagrogh (James Mulheran & Part) 31 years from May 1723 £45
28 Dunmuckrum (Owen McShee & Part) 31 years from May 1747 £37
29 Dunmuckrum (Samuel Curry & Part) The same £18.10
30 Dunmuckrum (Edward Allingham) Jno Henderson,.John Davies & Frs Allingham £7.5
31 Dunmuckrum (Anthony Stuart) Cath Graham, Frs Graham & Anth Stuart £8.0
32 Dunmuckrum (John Mongomery) Jno Mongomery £14.5
33 Dunmuckrum Thomson (Coll John Folliott) Lives renewable £14.10
34 Dunmuckrum (Coll John Folliott) the same £8.5
35 Dunmuckrum (John Delap) Robert Dickson, Andrew & Susanna Johnston £9.5
36 Ednagor (Wm Dickson & Part) Margt Dickson, Wm Dickson & Wm Tredinick £33.0
37 Ednagor ((Arello) Boyle) 31 years from May 1723 £16.10
38 Irish Ballymagrorty (Andw McCaferty & Part) 31 Years from 1747 $40.10
39 Knather (Wm Gallagher & Part) No term £40.18
40 Knocknashangon (John Duncan & Partner) Matth Forster John Duncan & Wm Duncan £28.5
41 Killin & Labinlee (John Dickson, esq) £30.2
42 Legalushen (Wm Coane) lives Elizabeth Coalby, Henry Stinson & Wm Joanes £13 (Wm Jones dies 20 Dec ‘58
43 Liskey (Frances Whiteway) lives Frances Whiteway, Folliott Whiteway & John Whiteway £12
44 Lisacully (John Kilpatrick & Part) lives John Thompson, Alex Love & Elice Kirkpatrick £55.2
45 Portnasun (Edward Allinghan) lives Wm Allingham, Major Britton & Robt Armstrong £14
46 Raghin To graise the Dragoon Horses
47 Raghlin O’Birn (John Dickson, esq).No term
48 Raglass (Thady Kerrigan & Part) 31 years from May 1723 £21
49 Scotch Ballymagrorty (John Coburn & Part) lives Wm Coburn, Wm Coburn & Arthur Carney £60.2
50 Tercunin &c (John Folliott Esq) 3 lives not renewable John Folliott Esq, Fran Folliott & Coll John Folliott £89.10
51 Tuck Mill & Island (Henry Davis) 31 Years from May 1723 £12
52 Tyth Coulbeg (Michael Hewaston) 21 years from Nov 1733 £1
53 Tyth Drumholm &c (Henry Major) No Term £110
54 Tyth Killbarron (Andw Knox Esq) No Term £2.10
55 Tyth Cloghboly (Wm Torbie) No Term £0.7
56 Tully (Thomas Dye) lives Thos Dye, Thos Young & Thos Dye £19.5
57 The Office for receiving the rent in
58 The Dragoon Barracks
59 The Foot Barracks
60 Mulanashee For Medowe
61 pt Mulanashee (Mr Thomas Dickson) lives Thomas Dickson, Wm Lindsay & Edward Jones £0.10
62 The grand Fishing (Mr Thomas Dickson)
63 Five Tenements & A Parke (Charles Concannon) lives Charles Concannon, Hen Major & Wm Major £9.16
64 A Tenement & A Parke (Charles Concannon) lives Ann O’Boyle, John O’Boyle & Anth O’Boyle £6.4.6
65 A Parke (Charles Concannon) lives Wm O’Boyle, Anth O’Boyle & Wm Major £5.1
66 John Millers Tenement (Charles Concannon) lives John Miller & Wm Miller £1.16
67 The Mullans For graising
68 A Tenement (Denis Coane) lives Denis, Francis & Wm Coane £2.5
69 A/Park (Denis Coane) lives Denis, Francis Coane £3.2
70 Edmond Rodys Tenement £0.6 No Term
71 A Tenement (Francis Allingham) lives Anth Stuart, Ann Stuart Wm Allingham £1.16
72 A Tenement & Parke (Gustavus Henery) lives Gustavus Henry John Henry & Edward Davis £9.7
73 A Tenement (George Bingham) lives Geo Bingham, Jonathan Bingham & John Dickson £0.10
74 A Tenement (Henry Major) lives John Major, Henry Major & Wm Major £0.2.6
75 A Tenement (Henry Major) lives henry Major, Elizabeth Major & John Major £0.1
76 A Tenement (Henry Major & Partner) lives John Major, Ed Allingham & John Allingham £2
77 A Tenement (Henry Major jun) lives Henry Major, The Rev John Major & Wm Major £1
78 A Tenement (Henry Davis) lives Henry Davis, Jane Davis & John Davis £3.2
79 A Parke (Henry Davis) lives Henry Davis, Jane Davis :& John Grovier £3.2.1
80 Patrick Deering’s Ten’t (Henry Kane) lives Everina Dickson, Elinor Deering & Hen Kane £1.6
81 A Tenement (Hugh Gallagher) 31 years from May 1717 £0.14
82 A Tenement (Coll John Folliott) lives John Folliott, Jas Wynne Esq, John Clarke (Never re’d any rent for this tenement)
83 A Tenement & Parke (John Gardiner) lives Geo Gardinersen, John Gardiner & Andw Gardiner £11.12
84 A Tenement (John Curry) lives Geo Curry, John Curry & Isabella Curry £1.15.4
85 A Tenement & Parke (John McGloghlin) lives Frs McGloghlin, Mary McGloghlin & Danl McGloghlin £7.2
86 A Tenement (John Kelly) lives Frs Kelly, Thos Hetherington & Wm Britton £0.12
87 A Parke (John Kelly) lives Denis Kelly, Rob Scott & Rob McNeeley £5.2.3
88 A Tenement (John Coningham) lives Geo Gardiner, John Major & Thos Kerrigan £1.12
89 A Tenement & Parke (John Fitzgerald) lives John Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Fitzgerald & Frs Fitzgerald £4.8.11/2
90 A Parke (John Fiztgerald) £1.2.6 No term
91 A Tenement & Parke (James Dickson Senr) lives James Dickson, John Dickson & Thos Dickson £2.12
92 A Tenement & Parke (James Gildea) lives Wm Coane, Honor Coane, Elizabeth Coane & Elinor Coane £12
93 A Parke (James Dickson Junr) lives James Dickson, Robt Dickson & Ed Jones £5
94 A Tenement (James Mahon) lives John Clarke Esq, Jas Mahon & Martha Mahon £2.2
95 A Tenement & Park (Heir of John Jennings) lives Frs Jennings John Forbes & Clotworthy Robertson £21.2
96 A Tenement & Park (James Ward) Thirty one years from May 1740 £7.2
97 A Tenement (James Ward). Nothing stated £2.5
98 A Parke (John Dickson Esq) No term £1.15
99 A Tenement (Lawrence Murry) No term £0.11
100 A Tenement (Mary Henderson & Parts) lives Carnes Henderson, Geo Carson & Geo Henderson £3.17
101 Tenem/Park (Robert Dickson) lives Jas, Henry, Jas Dickson £13.3.10
102 Tenem/Park (Mr Sam’l Delap) lives Robert, Sam’l Delap 7 Henry Major £7.12
103 Tenement (Mr Samuel Delap) lives Jas McCaddon, Frans Allingham & Jas Britton £0.10
104 Tenement (Samuel Parke & Part) lives Saml Parke, Thos Parke & Thos Alkinson £1.6
105 Tenement (Mr Thos Dickson) lives Thos & Jas Dickson, Wm Atkinson £1.5
106 Granaghans Tenem (Mr Thos Dickson) Mary Granaghan, Thos Granaghan & Wm Atkinson £4
107 Mr Wm Dickson’s Tenem (Mr Thos Dickson) lives John Dickson, Wm Lindsay, Ed Jones £9
108 Tenement (Thomas White) £1.4
109 Dunlevey’s Tenement (Thomas Dye) No term £2.2.
110 Tenement & Parke (Thomas Dye) lives Thos Dye, John Dickson & Thos Dye £2.15
111 Britton’s Park’s (Thomas McNabb) lives Thos McNabb, Edwd Reynolds & Geo Henderson £3.17
112 Tenement (The Revd Thomas Carson).lives Thos Carson, Joseph Carson & Eliz Carson £0.11
113 Parke (do) Lives John Dickson Esq, Henry Major & John Major £5
114 Tenement (do) lives Joseph Carson, Adam Carson & Henry Major £0.12
115 Parke (Thomas Edwards) £3.15 No term
116 Tenement (Thomas Laughlin) ---
117 Sir Henry Caldwell’s holding (Thomas Barton) lives Henry Dunbar, Henry Gardiner & Henry Dickson £12.2.6
118 Tenement & Parke (Thomas Barton) lives Thos Barton, Margret Barton & Wm Barton £5.2
119 Tenement & Parke (Thomas Lipsett) lives Jas Dickson, Lewis Lipsett & Anth Lipsett ££6
120 Tenement (Thomas Boyle) £0.4.6 No term
121 Tenement (Thomas Cone) £0.16 No term
122 Tenement & Parke (Thomas Palmer) £2.2.No term
123 Patrick Cosgraves Tenement (No tenant stated) lives Wm Dickson, John Csgrave & Jas Dickson £1.6
124 Tenement & Parke (Widow Kane) lives Henry Cahan, Danl Cahan & Jas Cahan £4.13.7
125 Tenement & Parke (Widow Scott) lives Wm Allingham, John Major & Jas Britton £8.2.2
126 Tenement (Widow Kerr) lives Hugh Carr, Jas Dickson & Jas Britton £2.7
127 Tenement & Parke (Wid Kerrigan) lives John Kerrigan, Wm Kerrigan & Arth McIntire £4.19.7
128 Tenement (Capt Wm Higgins) (Nothing stated) £1
129 Tenement & Parke (Wm Edwards) lives Wm Edwards, Jas Dickson & Everina Dickson £5.10
130 Tenement (Wm Gallagher).lives Wm Gallagher, Mary Gallagher & John Gallagher £0.17
131 Parke (Wm Gallagher) No term £2.4
132 Parke (Wm Currance) 31 years from May 1736 £2
133 Tenement (Wm Ross) lives Wm Ross, Ann Ross & Frans Allingham £0,8
134 Aughavochell & Aughaderryard (Mr James Gilldea) 4 lives Wm Coane, Honor Coane Eliz Coane & Ellinor Coane (There is one life dead) £23.12.6
Rent Roll of Church lands of Ballyhanna 1st May 1748
135 Park (Execs of Mr Wm Dickson) (Lease for 14 years from May ’44) 10 acres £5
136 Park (Denis Coane) 6acres 2 roods £4.7.6
137 Park (Thos Dye) 10acres £7.10
138 Parke (Wid Hennery) 6acres 2 roods £4.17.6
139 Parke (Ter Gallagher) 5acres £3
140 Parke (Denis Coane) !0acres £7.10
141 Parke (Neal Dogherty) 7acres 1rood 34 perches
142 Parke For Dragoon Horses
College lands of Bundrows
143 Part of Ardfarna (Henry Major) £13.11.3
144 Part of Do (Wm Gallagher) £13.11.3
145 Ardfarna Sweeny (Hugh Mulheran) & Part £24.2.6
146 Ardfarna Clarke (Mr Alan Clarke) £25.2.6
147 Ardfarna Gallagher (James Mulheran & Part) £26.2.6
148 Bundrows fishing & part of Maghreycarr (Mr Thos Dickson) £20
149 Drumurin (Coll John Folliott) £25
150 Part of Rathmore (Mr James Smith) £4.5
151 Part of do (Charles Smith) £4.5
152 part of do (James Mulheran) £8.10
153 Rathmore Mulheran (John Mulheran & Parts) £17.4
154 Rathmore Ward (Hugh Ward & Parts) £34.8
155 Magheycar (Charles Ellis) £70 (lease of 12 years from May 1746)
College Lands of Tirehugh
156 Aughnadrum (Francis Martin & Partner) £10.12.9
157 Ardellan (Wm Pain & Parts) £20.14
158 Ballykillowne (Alexander Scott & Parts) £19.11
159 Carig East (John Heron & Partners) £13.6
160 Carig West (John Heron & Partners) £13.6
161 Corincam (Geo Oliver & Partners) £12.13
162 Drumore (John Reynolds & Partners) £36.16
163 Druminole (John Thompson & Partners) £10.7
164 Laghey (John Delap & Partners) £18.8
165 Greaghs (Charles Gallagher & Parts) £8.1
166 Gullard (Neal Turmy & Partners) £20.2.6
167 Kermullan (Denis Tumany & Parts) £9.15.6
168 Killgole (Thos Love & Parts) £18.8
169 Mullanasole (Wid Henderson) £20.14
170 Mullans (Wid McKendrey) £4.6.3
171 Rusnaulagh (Adam Bustard & Parts) £41.8
172 Rusnaulagh (Mr Skelton) £45 (lease of 20 years from Nov 1733. To pay £45 for first 12 years & 49 for the remainder. The advance was never paid)
173 Robelshanny & Mill (Henry Spence) £23
174 Rossivolan (Mr Thos Dickson) £5.15
175 Rossilly (Frans Gallagher & Parts) £27.12
176 Raniney East (Neal Turmy) £16.2
177 Raniney West (Edmond Martin & Parts) £16.2
178 Tullygallon (John Walker & Parts) £20.14
179 Truman East (Bryan O’Boyle & Parts) £28.15
180 Truman West (Richard Vear & Parts) £28.15
181 Tullywe (John Kilpatrick & Parts) £13.16

List of lives in each lease & fines on renewal, Conollys B’sh estate, 1748: National Library, Ms 5751

1. Alla Wm Anderson jun, son to Wm Anderson, sen, Joseph Elliott, son to Wm Elliott & George Henry, son to Thos Henry (lives all in being) £8.10.0
2. Ardlong hill (Rev James O’Neale) lives Rev James O’Neale, Elizabeth O’Neale, wife, Ann O’Neale, daughter & John O’Neale, eldest son of Rev James O’Neale (not renewable)
3. Ardlonghhill Mr Moses Cahill (Not renewable)
4. Ardgillon (Mr Thos Atkinson) Thos & Wm Atkinson, sons of John Atkinson late of Cavangarden & Ed Jones, son of Wm Jones £41.5
5. Aughrish &c
6. Ballydermot Lives James Hamilton, Abraham Hamilton his brother & Abraham Creighton eldest son of Brigadier David Creighton £27.10
7. Ballynacarrig (Andrew Knox esq) Life Andrew Knox £25
8. Ballplace&c (John Dickson, esq) Lives James Dickson brother & Thos Dickson, son to said John Dickson £2.5
9. Behay Lives Walter Paterson, George Paterson & Thomas Atkinson eldest son of John Atkinson of Lakin in the County Sligo £15
10. Ballynacarrig (William Jones) Lives Wm Jones, Edwd Jones his son & Thomas Atkinson of Cavangarden £22.10
11. Ballymunterhiggin No entry
12. ----Carrignahorn lives James Lowry, Andrew Lowry son of John Lowry of (Speerstown) and Christian Lowry daughter of said James Lowry £17.10
13. -----Cashalard East lives Michael Clarke & John Clarke sons of Darby Clarke of the City of Dublin Esq & Richard Bulkeley son of John Bulkly late of the City of Dublin Brewer; Renewal one Pepper Corn; one life Dec’d
14. –Cashell Lipsett lives Thos Lipsett son of Thos Lipsett, Michael Lipsett son of Michael Lipsett sen and Joseph Lipsett eighth son of Michael Lipsett £25 Lives all in being £25
15. Creevay & Camp Lives John & Thomas Dickson, sons to Capt Th Dickson, ded’d & Wm Atkinson, 2nd son of John Atkinson, dec’d £1.10
16. Cloghore (Jno Folliot Esq dec’d 10 Jan 1765) Lives John Folliott Esq Frances Folliott his wife & Michael Clarke Esq third son of Darby Clarke of the City of Dublin esq £34
17. 2 Ballyboes Corlea (Henry Major senr) lives Henry Major and Wm Major sons of Henry Major of Camlin & Edward Jones eldest son of Wm Jones of Balllynacarrig Not renewable
18. Camlin Major lives John Major eldest son of Henry Major of Camlin, Roger Major third son of Thos Major of (Gragan) in the County of Londonderry & Henry Major eldest son of Alex Major of (----------) in the affords’d county £12.10
19. Camlin Tredinick lives William Tredinick of Camlin, Margaret Tredinick wife and John Tredinick son to said Wm Treinick £12
20. Coolcally Mt. As Ballplace Renewable a Pepercorn
21. Dunmuckrum (Edward Allingham) lives John Henderson, senr of Portnasun, John Davies eldest son of Henry Davies of (---) and John Allingham £3.10
22. Dunmuckrum Anth Stuart Catherine Graham wife of Roger Graham dec’d John Graham son the Roger Graham & Anthony Stuart son the Anthony Stuart ( Catherine Graham died about 25 Jan 1755) £4
23. Dunmuckrum John Montgomery Lives John Mongomery Robert Montgomery £7
24. Dunmuckrum Thompson Coll John Folliot No lives mentioned
25. One Ballyboe Dunmuckrum Delap (Coll John Folliot) No lives mentioned
26. Dunmuckrum John Delap lives Robert Dickson, 4th son of Henry Dickson, dec’d, Andrew Johnston, eldest son of John Johnston of Colin, Co Fermanagh & Susanna Johnston, eldest dau of said Andrew Johnston £4.12.6
27. Ednagor lives Mgt Dickson, wife of late John Dickson of Ednagor, William Dickson, son of s’d John Dickson & William Tredinick, jnr – (Mgt Dickson died 15th Dec 1779) £16.10
28. Knocknashangon (John Dunkin died in Apr 1776 & Wm Duncan died ---)lives Mathew Foster son in law of Robert Duncan of Knocknashangon dec’d, John Duncan eldest son and Wm Duncan second son of the said Rober Duncan £14
29. Killen & Labinlee No entry
30. ---Legalushin lives Elizabeth, Wife of Daniel Coalby dec’d Henry Stinson eldest son of Wm Stinson of Killeybegs & William Joans £6.10
31. ---Liskey Frances Whitway of the City of Dublin, spinster, Folliott Whiteway & John Whiteway both nephews to the s’d Frances Whiteway Not renewable
32. Lisacully lifes John Thompson, 3rd son of Wm Thompson of Drumeroen Alex Love eldest son the Robert Love of Killygole & Eliza Kirkpatrick fifth daughter of David Kirkpatrick of Lisnally dec’d (John Thompson died in Feb or March 1776) £27.10
33. Portnasun Wm Allingham, eldest son to Edward Allingham jun, Major Britton, 4th son of late Robert Britton & Rob Armstrong eldest son of Wm Armstrong £7.0
34. ---Scotch Ballymagorty William Coburn second son of John Coburn of Ballymagrorty, William Coburn eldest son of John Coburn and Arthur Carney third son of Arthur Carney of Ballymagrorty £30
35. ---Toramin &c John Folliot Esq Frances Folliott the wife of Coll John Folliott (Not transferable)
36. Tully (Thomas Dye died 1775) lives Thomas Dye eldest son of the late Thos Dye, Thomas Young second son the late John Young & Thomas Dye second son of Wm Dye £9.10
37. Pt Mullanashee (Mr Thos Dickson0 Thomas Dickson, merchant, Wm Lindsay, 2nd son of Joseph Lindsay, City of Dublin & Edward Jones son of Wm Jones of Ballynacarrig £0.5.0
38. Charles Concannon Five Tenements & A Parke Charles Concannon of Ballyshannon, Gent, Henry Major second son & Wm Major third son of Henry Major of Camlin £4.18
39. Ditto A Tenement & Parke Ann O’Boyle wife of the late Denis O’Boyle, John O’Boyle & Anthony O’Boyle sons of the said Denis O’Boyle (Ann O’Boyle died in ------ 1755) £3.1.3
40. Ditto A Parke William O’Boyle & Anthony O’Boyle sons of the late Denis O’Blyle & Wm Major third son of the Henry Major of Camlin £2.10
41. Charles Concannon (John Miller Sen) John Miller William Miller brother to the said John Miller £0.17.6
42. Dennis Coanes Park Denis Coane & Francis his eldest son £1.10
43. Denis.Coane A Tenement Denis Coane, Francis Coane eldest son & William Coane second son of the said Denis Coane £1.2.6
44. Francis Allingham A Tenement Anthony Stuart, Ann Stuart his wife & Wm Allingham 3rd son of Francis Allingham of Ballyshannon
45. Tenem & Park Gustavous Hendry Gustavous Hendry John Hendry son of the late Walter Hendry & Edward Davis fourth son of Henry Davis £4.10
46. Tenement (Geo Bingham) Geo Bingham, Jonathan Bingham his brother & John Dickson Esq all of Ballyshannon £0.5.0
47. Tenement (Henry Major) Henry Major, Elizabeth Major his wife & John Major eldest son of the said Henry Major £0.0.6 (one life dec’d)
48. Ditto John Major eldest son, Henry Major second son & William Major third son, all to Henry Major of Camlin £0.1.3
49. Tenement (Henry Major & Edward Allingham) John Major eldest son of Henry Major of Camlin, Edward Allingham & John eldest son of Edward Allingham of Ballyshannon £1.0.0
50. Tenement (Henry Major jun?) Henry Major, the Revd John Major & William Major sons to Henry Major the elder of Camlin £0.10
51. Tenement (Henry Davis) Henry Davis, Jane Davis, wife & John Davis eldest son to the said Henry Davis £1.10
52. Parke (Henry Davis, Jane Davis died July 1780) Ditto £1.11.01/2
53. Tenement Henry Kane Everina Dickson, dau of late Capt Thos Dickson, (an entry scratched out) Henry Kane & John Major £0.12.6
54. Tenement (Coll John Folliott) Coll John Folliot, James Wynne Esq son of Coll Owen Wynne & John Clarke Esq second son of Darby Clarke Esq (Renewal a peppercorn two lives dec’d)
55. Tenement (John Curry) George Curry, John Curry & Isabella Curry, sons & daughter of John Curry of Ballyshannon, Taylor £0.17.8 (one life dead)
56. Tenem/Park (John Gardiner) George Gardiner Sen, John Gardiner & Andrew Gardiner sons of said George Gardiner £5.15.0
57. Ditto (John McGloughlin) John McGloghlin of Ballyshannon, Mary McGloughlin his wife & Daniel McGloughlin son to the said John McGloughlin £3.10
58. Tenement (John Kelly) John Kelly of Ballyshannon, Thomas Hetherington son of Wm Hetherington & William Britton second son to Robt Britton £1.10
59. Tenem/Park(John Fitzgerald) John Fitzgerald of Ballyshannon Elizabeth Fitzgerald eldest daughter & John Fitzgerald eldest son both of the s’d John Fitzgerald £2.4.03/4
60. Tenem (John Coningham) George Gardiner eldest son of Thomas Gardiner of Ballyshannon, John Major eldest son of Henry Major of Camlin Thomas Kerrigan second son of Thos Kerrigan of Ballyshannon £0.16.0
61. Sir Henry Caldwells (John Dickson Esq) Henry Dunbar, 3rd son of James Dunbar of Donnegall, Henry Gardiner fourth son of George Gardiner & Henry Dickson third son of Henry Dickson of Ballyshannon £6.1.3 {Note added in margin; one life dec’d}
62. Tenement/Park (James Dickson, senr) lives James Dickson, 4th son Thomas Dickson, John Dickson, 2nd son of Henry Dickson of Ballyshannon & Thomas Dickson, 3rd son of James D senr of B’sh £1.5.0
63. Tenement/Parke (James Gildea) Wm Coane, youngest son of late Terence – Honor, Elizh, Ellinor, daus of s’d Ter Coan (Not renewable)
64. Park (Jas Dickson, jnr) James Dickson, son of Capt Thos Dickson, Robert Dickson of B’sh, Ed Jones, son of Wm Jones £2.10.0 (?Deed 2 – 251:181:159388)
65. Tenement (James Mahon) Mr John Clarke son of Darby Clarke Esq, James Mahon & Martha Mahon daughter of Wm Mahon £1.0 (I believe there are two lives dead)
66. Tenem/Park (Heirs of John Jennings) John Jennings, John Forbes grandson of the said John Jennings & Clothworthy Robertson son of the Revd John Robertson of Donnegal £10.10 (one life dead)
67. Tenement (Mary Henderson) Cairnes Henderson grandson of John Carson of Ballyshannon, George Carson eldest son of Robert Carson dec’d & George Henderson youngest son of Lieut David Henderson Dec’d £1.17.6 (one life dead)
68. Tenement (Patk Cosgrave) Wm Dickson, 2nd son of John Dickson, Mariner, John Cosgrave eldest son of Patrick Cosgrave & James Dickson fourth son of Capt Thos Dickson dec’d £0.12
69. Tenement/Park (Robert Dickson)(Henry Dickson is dead – not dated) James Dickson, 4th son of Henry Dickson of B’sh, James Dickson, 3rd son of late Henry Dickson of Derry & Henry Dickson, eldest son of Capt John Dickson, mariner £6.11.11 (all lives in being)
70. Tenement/Parke (Rev Sam’l Delap) Robert & Sam’l, sons of Rev Sam’l Delap & Henry Major jun second son of Henry Major of Ballyshannon £.15
71. Tenement (Rev Sam’l Delap) James McCaddon son of Doct henry McCaddon dec’d Francis Allingham second son to Francis Allingham of Ballyshannon & James Britton eldest son to Robt Britton of Ballyshannon £0.5
72. Tenement (Sam’l Parke) Sam’l Parke & Thomas Parke of Ballyshannon & Thomas Atkinson of Cavingarden £0.13
73. Tenement (Mr Thos Dickson) Thos & James, brothers to Wm Dickson of B’sh, dec’d & Wm Atkinson second son to John Atkinson of Cavingarden £0.1.0
74. Granaghans tenem (Mr Thos Dickson) Mary Granaghan wife of Cornelius Granaghan, Thomas Granaghan son of the said Cornelius Granaghan & Edward Jones on of Wm Jones £2.0
75. 2 Parks Thos McNabb & Parts (lives dead) Thomas Mcnabb eldest son to Thomas McNabb dec’d, Edward Reynolds second son to John Reynolds of Drumore & George Henderson youngest son to Lieut Henderson £1.18.6
76. A tenement & Parke (Mr Thos Dickson) John Dickson son to Mr Thos Dickson of Ballyshannon, Wm Lindsay son of Joseph Lindsay & Edward Jones son of Wm Jones £4.10
77. Parke (Rev Thomas Carson) John Dickson of Ballyshannon Esq, Henry Major of Portnasun & John Major son to the s’d Henry Major £2.0 (One life dead) £2
78. Tenement (Rev Thos Carson) Thomas Carson, Joseph Carson & Elizabeth Carson sons & daughter of Thos Carson Clk of Ballyshannon
79. Tenement (Rev Thomas Carson) Joseph Carson brother to Thos Carson Clk of Ballyshannon, Adam Carson of Cornomoyle in the Co of Monaghan & Henry Major of Portnasum £0.5 (One life dead)
80. Tenem/Park (Thos Barton)(Margt Barton is dead) Thos Barton, Margaret his wife & Wm Barton eldest son of the s’d Thos Barton £2.10
81. Tenem/Parke (Thos Lipsett)(Lewis Lipsett is dead) James Dickson fourth son of Capt Thomas Dickson, Lewis Lipsett second son of James Lipsett & Anthony Lipsett fourth son of Michael Lipsett both of Cashel £3
82. Tenement & Parke (Thos Dye)(Thoms Dye is dead) Thomas Dye ---- son of Thomas Dye of Ballyshannon, John Dickson son of Capt Thos Dickson & Thomas Dye eldest son of Wm Dye £1.6.6
83. Tenement & Parke (Widow Kane) Henry Cahan, Daniel Cahan & James Cahan sons of Denis Cahan of Ballyshannon £2.6.31/2
84. Tenement & Parke (Widow Scott) (One Life dec’d) Wm Allingham, 3rd son of Francis Allingham of Ballyshannon, John Major eldest son of Henry Major of Camlin & William Scott son of John Scott dec’d £4.0.1
85. Tenem (Widow Carr) Hugh Carr eldest son of Thomas Carr of Ballyshannon, James Dickson fourth son of Capt Thos Dickson of Ballyshannon & James Britton eldest son of Robt Britton of Ballyshannon £1.2.6
86. Tenem/Park (Widow Kerrigan) John Kerrigan & William Kerrigan sons of Thomas Kerrigan of Ballyshannon & Anthony McIntire £2.8
87. Tenem (Capt Wm Higgins) No lives or lease stated
88. Tenem/Parke (Wm Edwards) Wm Edwards of Ballyshannon & James & Everina Dickson son & daughter of Capt Thos Dickson of Ballyshannon £2.14
89. Tenem (Wm Gallagher) William Gallagher of Ballyshannon, Mary Gallagher wife of said William Gallagher & John Gallagher youngest son of the s’d William Gallagher £0.7.6
90. Tenem (Wm Ross) William Ross of Ballyshannon, Smyth, Ann Ross wife of s’d William Ross & Francis Allingham second son of Francis Allingham of Ballyshannon £0.4
91. Park (John Kelly) Denis Kelly second son of John Kelly, Rob Scott second son of Jas Scott & Rob McNeeley second son of John McNeely all of Ballyshannon
Names of the lives in the lease of Thomas Lipsett’s tenement & Parke, 4th April 1776
Lewis Lipsett second son of James Lipsett & Anthony Lipsett fourth son of Michael Lipsett both of Cashall & Lewis Lipsett third son of Lewis Lipsett Sen of Cashall about 10 years inserted in the place of James Dickson/deceased 13 May 1774
Names of the lives in the lease of John Kelly’s Parke
Denis Kelly second son on John Kelly, Robert McNeely, second son of John McNeely late of Ballyshannon & John Jones second son of Edwd Jones of Ballyshannon 8 years
Inserted 16 Apr 1779

Rent roll of Ballyshannon Estate Nov 1773 to May 1774: From M 6917/1-18, National Archives

(I’ve noted some changes that had occurred by 1792)
1 Alla Wm Anderson and Partner
2 Ardlonghill The Rev James O’Neill (Mr John O’Neill)
3 Ardlonghill Mr Moses Cahill
4 Ardgillen &c Mr Thomas Atkinson (John Atkinson)
5 Aughrish &c John Folliott Esq
6 Ballydermott John Hamilton Esq
7 Ballynacarrig Andrew Knox Esq
8 Ballplace &c John Dickson Esq (Thomas Dickson Esq)
9 Behay John Reynolds Esq (Hewetson Reynolds)
10 Ballynacarrig Mr Edward Jones (William Jones)
11 Ballymuntherhiggin Mr Robert Coane (Anthony Coane)
12 Carrignahorn James Lowry & Partner (Robert Lowry & Partners)
13 Cashellard East Michael Clarke Esq
14 Cashellard West William McCawley & Partner
15 Cashellard Barron Phelim Barron & Partner
16 Corn Mills John Tredenick and Partner (Reps Hamilton & Tredenick)
17 Creevy & Camp Thomas Dickson Esq
18 Customs & Wards tenement Thomas Dickson Esq
19 Corlea Henry Major
20 Corlea James Conigle & Partners
21 Part of Ditto John Rankin
22 Part of Ditto John Chism
23 Part of Ditto John Carberry (Widow Carberry)
24 Part of Ditto William Carberry
25 Part of Ditto Neal McCauley
26 Part of Ditto Thomas Clarke
27 Part of Ditto Edward Patchell
28 Part of Ditto George Murray
29 Camlin Irwine Mr John Tredenick
30 Camlin Boyle Mrs Major
31 Cashell Lipsett Thomas Lipsett & Partners
32 Cloghore Walter Cuff Esq
33 Coolcally Mt John Dickson Esq (Thomas Dickson Esq)
34 Drumnagroagh James Mulheran & Partners
35 Part of Ditto & A Park at Ballyshannon Mr William Coane
36 Dunmuckrum McShee Owen McShee & Partners
37 Dunmuckrum Curry Samuel Curry & Partners
38 Dunmuckrum Garniner Johnston Allingham (Thos Allingham)
39 Dunmuckrum Stuart Anthony Stuart & Partners
40 Dunmuckrum Montgomery Mathew Montgomery & Partner
41 Dunmuckrum Delap James Dickson (Robert Allingham)
42 Dunmuckrum Thompson John Folliott Esq
43 Dunmuckrum Kelly Ditto
44 Ednagor William Dickson & Partner
45 Ditto (----) Boyle
46 Part of Ditto William Dickson
47 Irish Ballymagrorty Andrew MCafferty & Partners
48 Knather Mountain Arthur McCauley & Partner
49 Knather William Gallagher & Partner
50 Ditto Thomas Patchell Senior Weaver
51 Ditto Thomas Patchell Junior Weaver
52 Ditto James Patchell
53 Ditto Andrew Rodgers
54 Ditto John Rodgers
55 Ditto David Lynn
56 Ditto John McIlIdowny
57 Ditto Thomas Patten
58 Ditto Edward Anderson
59 Ditto Hugh Montgomery
60 Ditto William Montgomery
61 Ditto James Midkiff
62 Knocknashangon John Dunkin & Partners
63 Killen & Labinlee John Dickson Esq (Thomas Dickson Esq)
64 Legalustren Edward Jones
65 Liskey Mr Whiteway
66 Lisacully Thomas Clarke & Partners
67 Mullans Henry Major
68 Mullanashee Doctor Scanlan
69 Part of Ditto Rev James O’Neill
70 Part of Ditto Thomas Dickson Esq
71 Part of Ditto Darby Gorman
72 Portnasun Johnston Allingham
73 Raghlin O’Birne Thomas Dickson Esq
74 Raglass Wm Coane
75 Ditto Henry Major
76 Scotch Ballymagrorty John Colburne & Partners
77 Tuck Mills & Island John Davy
78 Tully John Johnston
79 Tythes of Coolbegg John Reynolds Esq
80 Tythes of Drumholm &c Henry Major
81 Tythes of Killbarron &c Owen McIntire
82 Tythes of Cloghbolhy Guy Carleton
83 Rahine William Gallagher & Partners
84 The Dragoon Barrack
85 The Foot Barrack
86 The Office
87 The Salmon & Eel Fishery Henry Major
88 A tenement & park Francis McDonagh
89 Ditto Ditto
90 A Park Ditto
91 Millers tenement Ditto
92 A tenement Denis Coane
93 A Parke Ditto
94 A tenement Edward Allingham
95 Ditto Ditto
96 Ditto Ditto
97 Tenement & Parke Walter Henry
98 A tenement Henry Major
99 Ditto Ditto
100vDitto John Davy’s
101 Ditto Ditto
102 Cosgraves tenement Hugh McIntire
103 Deerings tenement Henry Kane
104 Tenement Hugh Gallagher
105 Ditto John Allingham
106 Ditto Mrs Major
107 Ditto Ditto
108 Ditto John Folliott Esq
109 Tenement & Park John Gardiner
110 Tenement James Flaherty
111 Tenement & Park Ditto
112 Tenement John Curry
113 Tenement & Park John Fitzgerald
114 Park Edward Allingham
115 Tenement & Park Daniel McLaughlin & Partner
116 Tenement Henry Gardiner
117 Park James Dickson
118 Ditto Ditto
119 Ditto John Reynolds Esq
120 Mr Jennings’s holding Sir John Jennings
121 Park John Dickson Esq
122 Tenement & Park David Carson & Partners
123 Sir Henry Caldwell’s John Dickson Esq
124 Tenement James McIntire
125 Tenement & Park George Carson & Partner
126 Ditto Henry Dickson & Partner
127 Ditto Samuel Delap
128 Tenement Ditto
129 Ditto Samuel & Thomas Park
130 Ditto Thomas Dickson Esq
131 Tenement & Park Ditto
132 Ditto Ditto
133 Bingham tenement Ditto
134 Part of Wards tenement William Conolly & Partners
135 Part of Ditto Neal O’Donnell & Partners
136 Part of Wards tenement & Park Daniel Garvey
137 Mr Bartons tenement & Park William Tighe Esq
138 Coanes tenement & park Thomas Dickson Esq & Partners
139 Brittons Park Thomas McNabb &c
140 Whites & Laughlins tenement William Cleary & partners
141 Donleavys tenements James Dye
142 Tenement & Park William Dye
143 Tenement Thomas Carson
144 Ditto Ditto
145 Ditto Ditto
146 Tenement & Park Thomas Lipsett
147 Tenement Thomas Boyle
148 Tenement & Park Thomas Kerigan
149 Tenement (Carrs) Thomas Dickson Esq
150 Tenement & Park Widow Dickson
151 Ditto Francis Gillaspy’s
152 Roddys tenement Jane Dickson
153 Park Widow Edwards
154 Tenement George Henderson
155 Carrigrawer Park Terence Gildea & Francis Gallagher
156 Tenement Mr John Reynolds
157 The lands in the County of Leitrim
And a tenement & park in B’shannon James Gildea Esq

Part of Rent Roll 1791/2 of Ballyshannon Estate of Thomas Conolly: From M 6917/1-18, National Archives

37 Coolcally Mt Thomas Dickson, esq
49 Dunmuckran Gardiner Thos Allingham
52 Dunmuckran Delap Robert Allingham
55 Ednagor William Dickson and partner
75 Killen & Labinlee Thomas Dickson esq
82 Part of Mullanashee Thomas Dickson esq
84 Portnasun Thomas Allingham
85 Raghlin O’Biern Thos Dickson, esq
91 Tithes of Coolbeg Hewetson Reynolds
105 Tenement Wm Coane
106 Tenement Wm Coane
107 Tenement John Allingham
108 Tenement Miss Allingham
109 Tenement Miss Allingham
118 Tenement Thos Allingham
122 Tenement/Park Mr Delap
126 Tenement/Park James Dye
127 Park Miss Allingham
130 Park James Dickson
131 Park James Dickson
132 Tenement Hewetson Reynolds
133 Mr Jennings holding Ralph Babington, esq
134 Park Thos Dickson, esq
136 Sir Henry Caldwells Thos Dickson, esq
139 Tenement/Park Henry Dickson & Partner
140 Tenement/Park Reps Mr Sam’l Delap
143 Tenement Thos Dickson esq
144 Tenement/Park Thos Dickson esq
145 Tenement/Park Thos Dickson esq
146 Binghams Tenement Thos Dickson esq
147 Part of Wards Tenement James Coane
151 Ditto James Dickson
152 Ditto Andrew Dickson
155 Mr Barton’s Tenem/Park Richd Tighe, esq
156 Kanes Tenem/Park Thos Dickson,esq
167 Tenem (Carrs) Thos Dickson, esq
171 Park Alex Edwards
174 Tenement Hewetson Reynolds
Rent of Parkhill lands part of Ballyshannon, 1791/2
199 Part West Sheegish Mr James Dickson
206 Part of East Sheegish Thos Dickson, esq
210 White Hill Thos Dickson, esq
215 Tullychork John Allingham
Church Lands of Ballyhanna
239 Park Thos Dickson, esq
241 Park John Allingham
245 West Horse Pk Henry Major
246 Part of Ditto James Dickson
College lands
252 Bundrows Fishery Thos Dickson, esq

Rent roll of estate of William Stewart of Killymoon, 1786-8: NLI Ms. 766

Andrew McWilliams, James McWilliams, James Fleming, John Caldwell, Robert McWilliams, W’m & James McWilliams
Wm Erskin, Jas Kienan, Mrs Mary Lawson
Ja’s Creighton, James Creighton & W’m Moffett, John McNeese & And’w Moffett
Mr Rog’r Anketell
Mr Jno Moore
Widow Bell, John Sloan & John Atwell, Wid’w Steenson, Henry Elison
John Hethernton &c
Mr Tho’s Moore &c
Wm Dao’d & Jno Irwin
Robt Willson, Wm Wilson
James Knox, James Reed, Ja’s Fleming
James McFarland &c., John Hardy, Arch’d Reed, Tho’s Kelly, Jo’n Givins & Sam’l Maxwil, Jon Young & Wm Williamson, John Fleming
Hu Donalson &c, Ja’s McWilliams Dav: Barnet, John Steenson, John Davison
Jo’n Steenson &c, John Thompson, Ja’s Fleming &c, Mr James Brown, John Burton, James Fleming
Tho’s McWilliams, Rob’t Carson, Wid’w Carson now And’w Job, Robt Little, John Fleming & Jo’s Reed
William Miller
John Reed, John Agnew & Ja’s Cousens, Will’m Willson &c
James Kyle, Charles Beatty, Wm Carson, Rob’t Given, John Babby, John Thompson &c
Owen Devlin, Rich’d Lee, John & Ja’s Dickson, W’m & Alex’r Beatty, Ja’s & W’m McMullan, Wid’w Dickson, Rob’t Dickson, W’m, John & Tho’s Dickson
Mr Tho’s Moore, James Fleming, William Wilson, James Swan, John Hethernton, James Swan, W’m Rainey, Ja’s Hethernton &c
Ben Smyth &c., John Johnston, Adam Reed, Dan’l & W’m White
Mr Alexr Irwin, Charles McGugian &c
Widow Willson, Edw’d Campbell, John Stewart, Esq & Dom’k Loy, Dom’k Loy, Pat Toner
Rob’t Sooter, Jam’s, John & Tho’s Miller, Mr Rob’t Williams, Mr Arth’r Williams, Surgeon
Cha’s Oneall &c., Wid’w Coy
Dav: Fleming
Gilb’t Kenedy, Cha’s Richardson, Esq, Wid’w Seaton, W’m Howard
Rev Geo Simpson
John Shaw, John & Isaac McGowan, Arch’d McGowan, Alex’r Hoyns, Arch’d Moyle, Bryan Kelly, James McMinn
John Sumervill &c., Pat & Dan’l Kelly, Cha’s McGhee, Fran’s & Cha’s McGhee, Jo’n Shaw, Peter & John Wood
Pat Hughs, Hen Hoyns, Dom’k Donally, Ter’e, Ja’s & Pat Hoyns, Arch’d Gilkison
Rob’t McMin, John McMin, W’m Steenson
John Sinclar, W’m McClelland, John Saslow, Tho’s McKane & Ja’s Hamilton, W’m McKeldon, Tho’s McKane, W’m Jackson
Rev’d W’m Kenady, John Irwin
Ja’s Harkness, John Otterson, John McCoard, W’m Bell & Alex’r McArdell, W’m Bell, W’m Wray, Thom’s Smyth, Jo’n & W’m Eagelson, Phel Neall, And’w McNally Tho’s McKane, James Howard, Phil Murphy, Ja’s McCoard, Art Murphy, James McCoard, Pat Hurson
Joh Leard, John Leard, John Boyd
Rob’t Henry, James Hill, Hu: & W’m Robson, John McTyre
Ja’s Hening, Ja’s McQuowan, W’m Mitchell, John Sloan
John McTyre, Widow McTyre, And’w McGladragin, Paul McGaghan, Wid’w Creighton & Ja’s Creighton, Rob’t Creighton & Ja’s Creighton, Fra’s Shaw, Arch’d Weare now Fran’s Shaw, James Hutcheson, Fra’s Shaw now Ja’s McKee
W’m Fleming
Jo’s Lynd, Hum & Rob’t McCormick, Henry McNally
John Swan, John Sinclar
Dix’n Coningham, Esq
Killymoon Mill:
Dr Gallaway
Miss McClave, Rev Mr Murray
Rob’t Rutherford & And’w Rutherford, James hagan, John Rankin, Rob’t Park, Rob’t Galway, Alex’r Rogers, Rob’t Hutcheson
Paul Mean, Wid’w Mean, Tho’s Mullen, Wid’w Ned Mullen
Clagon B. Donelly:
Mr Hamilton
Mr Hamilton
Sam’l Farr, W’m Hood, Mich’l Quin
Mr Williams
Mr Hamilton
Clonavady :
Mr Jones
Knockavady Monygar:
Mr Bailie
Drumond & Sessagh:
Jo’n Sooter
J’n & Ja’s McCoard, Rob’t & Wm Ferguson, And’w & Jo’n Dunn & Adam Irwin, James Dunn, Rob’t Ferguson, Rob’t Wiley & Wid’w Baxter, James Baxter, James Baxter, Sam’l McRaynolds
W’m Gibson & Mill, James Cowan &c., Capt & John Ferguson
James Hogg, James Cook & Rob’t Johnston
John Seaton &c
Oliver Porter, Sam’l Purvis, Mr John Wilcocks
Adam Irwin, Oliver Trimble &c
James Trimble, Jo’s Trimble, W’m Gibson, Jo’n Johnston & Sam’l Crawford
Will’m Miller, W’m Burnsid, Rob’t Wining, Wid’w Winning, James & W’m Patterson
Rob’t Mitchell &c., Tho’s Grier
Tho’s & Abr’m Ferguson, Ferg’s Ferguson, W’m Hamilton, Alex’r & W’m Ferguson, Mr John Maconchy, Ja’s Lindsay & Pat Ferguson, W’m Ferguson, John Purvis & Tho’s Art
Wid’w Kinibrough, Christ’r Lease
James Trimble, Mr Willcocks
John Sinclar
Noher Doorus &c, Henry Hamilton, Cap: McCamill &c., W’m Brown & Oliver Purvis, John Madden
Tho’s Johnston, Thomas Johnston, Jo’n McCullagh, Jo’n Forrest
Nath’l Marshall, Mrs Ash
Rob’t Seaton, Wid’w Moffett, Wid’w Moffett, Sam’l Glassey, And’w Ferguson
Alex’r Crooks &c., Edw’d Develin, Cha’s Richardson Esq
Hon & Rev’d Dr Hewitt, Hu: & Neall McWray, Tor: Mellon, Hon & Rev’d Doc’r Hewitt, Neall Canavan, Ja’s McRorey &c.,Hu Heselton (1780), Tor Mellon
Mr Brisbain, Doc’t Collins
Cha’s Quin, Denis Cavanagh, Wid’w Boyd, Wid’w Boyd, John Moore, Rich’d Brisbane, Peter Mullen, W’m Minguis (1783), John Purvis (1785), Rich’d Brisbain, Wid’w Hamilton, Hugh Faulkner, Rich’d Brisbain, Mat’w Newbanks, Mr Jo’n Cooke
Wid’w Tho’s Nickson
Hen’y Dun (1774), Jo’s Adams, John Rogers, Mr W’m Cluff, Cha’s Richardson, Esq., Alex’r Rogers, Rob’t Gallaway, James Allen
Tho’s McClelland, Mr W’m Cluff, John Taylor, Mary Carson
Tho’s McClelland, Robert Hutcheson, John Miller, John Brown, Rob’t Miller, Sam’l Knipe, W’m Mosgrove, Geo: Mosgrove
Rob’t Allen, Dav. (Tason &c), John McQuin
Wid’w Ja’s Brisbain, Jo’s Ferguson, Ja’s Espey, James Gay, Tho’s McConkay
Mr W’m Magill, Sam’l Anderson, Dav: Little, Wid’w Blair, Rich’d Blair
John Carson, Henry Anderson, John Anderson, W’m Davison
John Black, John Collins, Rob’t Gallaway, Mr Edw’d Pattison, Hen: McNulla
Neal Mullen, Phel Mullen
Rob’t Rogers &c, James Allen, Mich’l Clarke, James Vandell, Tho’s McClelland, W’m McClelland, Ja’s Oliver, W’m Faulkner, W’m Henry, Dav: Richardson, James McCormick, Mrs Kenady, Mr W’m Cluff, Mr W’m Magill, Mr W’m Cluff, Mr Alex’r Rogers, Mr Edw’d Patteson, James Aston, Rob’t Rutherford, W’m Henry, Mr Edw’d Patteson, W’m Allen, Rob’t Allen, Mr W’m Cluff, Fran’sTrewguard, Rob’t Hutcheson, Ja’s Acton, James Marshall, W’m Develin, Rob’t Hutchison, W’m Lynd, Mr Ja’s Hanna now Jo’n Young, Mr W’m Magill, Wat Taylor, James Sterrett, Fra’s Henry, Dan’l Young, Doct’r Fleming, Doct’r Fleming, Rob’t Galway,  Mr W’m Cluff, Doct’r Fleming, Doct’r Fleming, John Moore, for the Customs
Doct’r Collins, Widow Lessly, Rich’d Blare, W’m Kelly, Dav. McKinley, Dan’l McClane, Doct’r Collins, Adam Beatty, Cha’s McClean now Ja’s Collins, Sam’l Bryson, Ned Patteson, Widow Burnet, John Charles, W’m Burns, John Collens, Rob’t McClelland now W’m McClelland, Rob’t Henry, W’m McClelland, James McClelland, Mr Ja’s Collens now Jo’n Collens, Geo: Robinson, John Maguigan, John Collins, Rob’t Galway, John Collins, John McGaughey, Mary Blair, James Rogers & Wid’w Dun, Rob’t Glasgow, Mrs Cuningham, Mr John Cooke, Rich’d Hall, John Kenady, W’m Kenady, Jo’n Hatchell now Jo’n Young, John Moncrieff, Ferg’s Acheson, John Young, James Doorus, W’m McCrea now John Collins, Alex’r Johnston, John Collins, Ridh’d Carr, Geo: Rollins, Rob’t McKee, John Collens
Owen Mooney, W’m Park, And’w Park, W’m Clarke, Hu: Faulkneer for Blair’s Ten’t, Mat’w Newbanks, James Sands, John McCoard, Ben McCoard, Mr Edw’d Patteson & Edw’d Lackey, James Mellon, John Campbell, John Tamany, Henry McCoart, John Camaron, Ned Patteson, James Sanderson, Ben: Thompson, Isabella Wiere, Ben Thompson, W’m Davison, John Anderson, Hen: Anderson, Cha’s Henderson, Art McCoast now W’m McCaskey, John Purvis, Wid’w Burnside, W’m Nickson, W’m Bell, Alex’r Johnston, W’m Clarke, (Empty site), Geo: Gibb, Rog’r McLaughlin, Dav: McLaughlin, W’m Anderson, Dan’l McRady, now Rob’t McLaughlin, Rob’t McCleland now Tho’s Hutcheson, And’w Moore now Ben: Thompson, Mich’l Doorus
Jo’n Mulhenon, John Moore, Wid’w Gourley, Henry Nickson, And’w Sanderson, John Moore, Dav: Ferguson, Hu: McCormick, Hu: McCormick, James Doorus, Mr Ja’s Cooke, Mr Patteson, Mr John Cooke, Wid’w Burnside Hen: McCoard, Dav: Ferguson, Dav: Bell, Sam’s Faulkner Esq,
--- W’m Glassey, Worth £4 yearly


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