This little girl is the only one of my ancestors, back to 1800, not born in south Ulster.

It brings to mind another little girl, her great-grandmother, who was born in India about 1794 and married 11 years later.

Picture of Elsie Henry
Family Genealogy By Peter Morell McWilliam

Murrell of Balteagh

(This work was initiated by attendance at Limavady & Roe Valley Reunion [9-13 October 2012] organised by Dr William Roulston & the Ulster Historical Foundation)

Photograph of Benbradagh
Family Tree of Murrelll of Balteagh

Samuel Murrell obtained a lease on a portion of Ballyquin Townland in Balteagh Parish from William Conolly in 1700

126:229:86621 – Registered 22nd Sept 1747
Robt Huey of Gervelagh parish of Ardacar Barony of Omagh gives Bellequin to Robert Morial now residing in Ballyquin – 5th Oct 1726
Wit Samuel Jackson, John Huey & Robert Houey

Repeats above re original lease to Robert Huey, Samuel Moriel & James Martin, 4th Apr 1700 for above lives


Robert & James Murrell are recorded as Protestant Householders in Ballyquin townland in 1740

Rev Samuel Morell of Tullylish, son of James Murrell, and probably brother of John & Henry Murrell was murdered by the Hearts of Oak/Steel at the house of Sir Richard Johnston of Gilford in 1772 (see Biographies)

Registered Bleach Greens in Newtownlimavady between 1782 & 1801 from Sampson

A Ogilby, L Ogilby, L Alexander, J & J Alexander, J Ogilby, R Campbell, (J Boyle, Drumcovit, H Boyle, Drumcovit) L Alexander, Dogleap, Newtownlimavady, R Campbell, W Ross, W Moody, J Moody. J Maurrell, (D Ross, Beaufort Lodge), & in 1801 H Murrell, Meargreen, Balteagh

Map of Limavady Linen Industry 1835

OS Memoirs Parishes of Londonderry 1833-5; Parish of Balteagh: Discontinued Bleach Greens

The following are the dates, as near as the local inhabitants recollect, that the bleach greens in this parish discontinued or ceased to work:
The bleach green latterly occupied by Macus (Marcus) Rodgers in Terrydremond South ceased to work in 1829, but was a store for linen up to 1831; informants James George and Thomas Wallace.
The bleach green partly in Terrydremond South and partly in Carrick East, formerly occupied by John Ogleby Esq of Ardnargle, ceased to work about the year 1812; informant Thomas Wallace, head bleacher to this green.
The bleach green in the townland of Ardmore, formerly occupied by the late Capt Ross, ceased to work in 1808; informant Daniel Cealy, bleacher to the green.
The beach green in Maine North was latterly occupied by Henery & John Murrell. It ceased work in 1810. (Henery Murrell informant.)
The bleach green latterly occupied by Capt Boyle in Drumgavney Lower ceased to work in 1819.
A join green in the townland of Drumagusker occupied by the above Captain Boyle ceased to work in 1819; informants Michael Connor and Thomas Wallace
The beach green latterly occupied by Richard King in Drumgavney ceased to work in 1808; informants Michael Connor and Franncis O’Kane
4th July 1835

Main Flax Mill - 6 hands employed 4 to scutch and 2 women to attend. The throngest season is from November to March. Wrought by Balteagh water.

Photograph of Morell house in Ballyquin

(see Morell Deeds)

612:332:418656 20 Apr 1809
John Morell, senr of Ballyquin, gent & Henry Murrell of Terrydremont
John Morell for £200 to Henry Murrell 3a of land in Main with flax mill and other buildings on the Brook or river dividing Main from Cloughan
To Henry Murrell for 500 years subject nevertheless to a covenant of redemption on payment of said sum of £200
Witnesses; Henry Horner & Hugh Murrell of Ballyquin

624:435:429481 – 28th July 1810
John Morell of Ballyquin, Linen Draper to Hugh Morell, in consideration of affection etc
Grants in Townland of Maine, Bleach Green, 34a & Flaxmill & 3a of ground
In presence of James Morell, Co Monaghan & George Breakey of Derry in said Co Monaghan


692:283:475418 – ¾ Aug, 1815; Reg 9th Aug
Hugh Murrell of Ballybay & Andrew Morrison of Dromore, Co Londonderry
For £950 Hugh gives 31a 2r 37p in Manor of Freemore (Flax Mill either excepted or right of way guaranteed)
Witnessed by Sam’l Martin & Wm Morrison of Newtownlimavady.

Hugh Morell, mentioned in the deed above, emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada about 1826. A series of letters written to him, including two from his brothers, Rev James Morell of Ballybay, and John Morell of Maine, Balteagh have been preserved (see Letters)

Photograph of River Roe from footbridge in Carrick

535:273:350592 – 4th Dec, 1800
Wm McCleland of Carrick & Robert Murrell of Carrick
Lands in actual possession of Robert Murrell – 9a & 4a 1r Cunningham measure
Term of 31 years, 1st May 1782
Lives of John Ross, son of Wm Ross, Wm Moody, son of John Moody & John Boyle, son of Alex Boyle
£9.8.6 yearly rent
Exec by Wm McC & Robert Murrell in presence of Hugh Boyle & Robert Murrell junr
Signed in presence of Robert Murrell, jun & John Murrell of Ballyquin

362:38:241870 – 9th June 1784 Reg 3rd July
Wm Kerr of Terrydremont & Henry Murrell of Ballyquin
For £380 Wm to Henry 36a land in Terrydremont for three lives named in deed

The holdings of Robert in Carrick & Henry in Terrydremont were adjacent to the Bleach Green complex in these townlands but I can find no direct evidence that they were associated with this venture.


Photograph of Watchtower & Bleach Green
Photograph of Watch Tower

Theft of linen from bleach greens was common. They commonly had watch towers for protection and there are reports of men being capitally convicted for such thefts.

Belfast Newsletter 19-23 March, 1779 (see Belfast Newsletter/linen)

Off the bleach green of Wm Ross of Newtownlimavady on Sun 11th, 3 pieces of linen, in green for 3 weeks

Subscription list for a reward:
Alexander, Leslie; Ross, David; Campbell, Robert; Ogilby, John; Ogilby, Alexander; Moody, John; Moody, William; Alexander, John; Stirling, John; Tyler, George; McCausland, R; Neilson, Robert; Given, Robert/Jr; Orr, James; Lane, William; McCausland, Conolly; Murrell ,John; Caldwell, John; Moody, Marcus; Thompson, Henry; Boyle, James; Boyle, Thomas; Boyle, Henry; Lyle, Samuel; Cochran, Alex; Orr, Alexander; Orr, James/Jr.



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