This little girl is the only one of my ancestors, back to 1800, not born in south Ulster.

It brings to mind another little girl, her great-grandmother, who was born in India about 1794 and married 11 years later.

Picture of Elsie Henry
Family Genealogy By Peter Morell McWilliam

Sacheverell & Richardson of Richhill


Family Tree of SAcheverell & Richardson families of Richhill

Allotments of lands by King James in the county of Armagh, precinct of O'Neill land:

2000 acres to Francis Sacheverell, Leicestershire.

A Perfect Relation and Report of the Works, Buildings, and Fortifications done by the English, surveyed by us in most places, and the rest certified by the governors, sheriffs, and others employed by us in our journey in the Province of Ulster begun the 29th of July, 1611.

Francis Secheverell, 2000 acres ; is resident; has brought over three masons, one carpenter, one smith, nine laborers and two women ; four horses and a cart; no freeholders or other tenants. Has drawn stone and other materials to the place where he intends to build. Certified by Sir Toby
Calfield and the Sheriff before we went the journey, but upon our coming into the country, Secheverell adds to his certificate that he has built three houses and placed tenants in them, and is building a stone house, and has competent arms in his house.

Signed Arthur Chichester, G. Carew, Th. Ridgway, R. Wingfield, Lambart.

In 1618 Captain Nicholas Pynnar was appointed to visit all the " undertakers," and make a detailed report of the number of men and houses found in each settlement, the nature and extent of the improvements made, and the provisions for defence available to the British settlers in case of an armed uprising on the part of the native Irish. This work was performed by Captain Pynnar in the following year.

2000 acres, Francis Sacheverill: 3 freeholders, 18 lessees ; able to produce 50 men with arms.

1622 Undertakers Certificate

Photograph of Richhill

From TCD 1641 depositions:

The Relacion of ffrauncis Sacheverell of Legacurry in the Countie of Armagh Esquire sworne & examined deposeth That <A> The said ffrauncis sayeth that from the firste breakeing out of the rebellion <a> on the xxiijth of October 1641 Patrick Modder o Hagan mc Brian oge of Lisdaine in the County of Armagh kepte him the said ffrauncis his wife and childeren with his brother and servants prisoners in his owne howse at Mulladry vntill May followeing and then the English Armie Comeing tSat way the said o Hagan burned the howse and fled to the mountaines and tooke the said ffrauncis his wife and children childe and his brother alonge with him some six or eight myles where they lay vppon a mountaine all nighte, the nexte day the said deponents wife being sicke and ill, desired libertie to goe to some howse and being permitted to returne towards Mulladry being six miles distant before they Came vnto it Ever Boy mcGennis in the County of Downe with his <b> Companie mette them in the way and Carried them to Clegmorne in the County of Monaghan and thereabouts detained the Deponent and his Companie nyne dayes and then the said Magennis Carried the defendents deponents wife and daughter to a place within twoe myles of Dundalke And when he had stripped them to their smockes in the darcke of the evening turned them of to shifte for themselues where by accident being found by some of the Englishe And were Carried to Dundalke But Magennis kepte the deponent still her his prisoner neare nine weekes and then delivered him over againe to the aforesaid o Hagan In the time of which his restraint he obserued That The Irish did vsuallie Containe not aboue three or fower nights in a place for feare of the Englishe forces; and to keepe themselues silent in the night they killed all their dogs and Cockes, and aboute Lamas they Carried this deponent to Charlemount to <c> Owen Roe mc Arte mc Baron ô Neale with an intente to make him away as he is verely perswaded where the deponent lay a fortnight vppon the boards without either strawe or beddeing; and then the said Owen asked him when he was taken prisoner, and when he answered at Allsaints laste the said Owen alsoe asked whether the deponent was a puritane or noe and Sir Phelim o Neale being present answered that he was none of them whereat the said Owen much blamed them for keepeing the deponent in such base manner and not sendeing him to his native Countrey; the said This Owen ô Neale brought over with him seavenscore souldiers and threescore of them he brought with him to Charlemount and presently after there was eight of them killed by Captaine St Johns troupe whereat For which Owen o Neale was very sorry and cursed the Irish because they runne away and lefte them and severall of them rest died of the bloudie fluxe after there Comeing alsoe he brought thither with him tenne barrells of powder fower horse loade of petternells and twentie Carbines and more this Deponent did not see or heare of but they reported that he had lefte fowerscore and tenne barrells of powder with other armes at Castledoe There is at Charlemount Captaine Perkins prisoner with some few Englishe and there is the Captaine of the Ship that brought the said Owen from Dunkircke

Down or Petty Survey
Townland of Rich Hill or Legacorry
Down Survey Name: Legacorrey
1641 Owner(s): Richardson, Major Edward (Protestant)
1670 Owner(s): Richardson, Major Edward (Protestant)
County: Armagh
Barony: Onealan
Parish: Killmore
Profitable land: 100 plantation acres

In 1641 Richardson had 19 townlands in Armagh in the area of Richill and one in Down; in 1670 he also had 4 in Kerry and 1 in Meath

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